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One Love Reggae Festival is Hitting Town This Weekend! | The High Spirits Cafe

Whoa my head

In desolate places we’ll find our bread

And everyone see what’s taking place…

We come from Trench Town

Lord, we free the people with music. Sweet music.

bob Marley Rastafarian cannabis reggae songs

Wait. Why are you singing that?

Because The High One Love Reggae Fest is coming to town this weekend!

Really? To be honest I didn’t even know Pune hosted such a fest!

Of course we do!

In 2010, the bossman behind Pune’s High Spirits i.e. Khodu Irani spotted a common affection for Reggae music between all his patrons! This gave birth to the ‘One Love Reggae festival’, an annual event dedicated to three days of reggae music!

3 days? Since 2010!? Where have I been?

Tell me more…

The ‘One Love Reggae Fest’ has hosted some stalwarts from the Reggae music scene, both national and international. Stellar acts like JahClub, Alo Wala, Tough on Tobacco, The Reggae Rajahs, Dakta Dub, Cian Finn and a lot more artists have graced this stage, educating the audience about music from the Rastafari age!

I am definitely dreaming…

No, you’re absolutely not!

In 2016, Khodu Irani has decided to raise the bar with his line up and Reggae experience!

Wow. Give me the details, Quick!


April 15th 2016 to April 17th 2016.

April 15, 2016:
The Faculos Main Stage – 9 pm
Contact JJ – 9821631487
Amahoro Sound room – 10:30 pm

April 16, 2016:
Tribute to Bob Marley by Sid Coutto and Friends Main Stage – 9 pm
Contact Sidd – 9867188570
Major C Sound Room – 10:30 pm
Contact Chandu – 9821674911

April 17, 2016:
Riddim Funktion – 1:45 pm
Contact Subid – 9830741147
Don Camilo and Reggae Rajahs -3 pm
Contact Rahul – 9757338299

Entry Charges:
April 15, 2016: Rs. 400/couple
April 16, 2016: Rs. 400/couple
April 17, 2016: Rs. 2000/couple

The One Love Reggae Festival is your destination if Red, Green and Yellow are your favorite shades of Rasta!

Come on home, the good vibes await!

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