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MITCOE’s Tesla 2016 To Be Held From 7th-8th September in MIT | Campus Times Pune

Tesla is the annual National Level technical festival of MAEER’s MIT College Of Engineering, Pune. In its tenth year, Tesla is centered around the boundless theme of Infinism. It aims to highlight the evolution of technology, regardless of limits on its scope, pace and timeline of development, benefits or applications.

MITCOE Tesla 2015 September

All college fests are an investment – the unwavering dedication of the core organizing committee, the passion of volunteers, the enthusiasm of fest participants; and all college fests offer their returns – recognition, experiences, bonds irrespective of seniority or gender and a whole lot of memories. Tesla too works with a give-and-take blueprint. But what makes Tesla stand apart is that it is wholly, at its very core, a student initiative. In 2010, inspired by the innovations and contributions of Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor and engineer, MITCOE named its technical fest Tesla. This also refers to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives around the year and they all proudly identify themselves as Team Tesla.

Started with the aim of providing a platform for the Indian student community to develop and showcase their technical prowess, in its debut year, Tesla was a one day fest which comprised highly successful events. It was in the formative years that Tesla took shape and grew with its student body. The bar was raised with various themes every year such as “Go Green”, Transcending Innovations“, “Tech Odyssey” and  “TechVolution”. Year after year, Tesla saw a leap in the number of events and workshops with the introduction of seminars. All the activities culminate in a grand two day festival event in the campus of MITCOE which attracts people from all over, including students, academia, corporates and the general public. This year, Tesla will be in action on the 7th and 8th of September, 2016.

What started out as a rare event in MITCOE’s history is now an integral part of the college experience. Tesla provides a tribune where the entire student community, irrespective of their branches, seniority, gender and experiences unites together, and their enthusiasm is palpable at each and every step. A testimony to this is the fact that, within a short span of time, they organized a record 35 events. To take forward this spirit and to further reinforce their commitment towards sustainable development and the role of the youth, the theme of MITCOE Tesla ’16 is ‘Infinism’. Their aim is to create a platform where everyone gets a chance to embrace the best of knowledge, a platform to envision the ‘India’ of their dreams, a platform where innovation has no boundaries. Tesla ’16 is all set to touch greater heights with a host of competitions, exhibitions, seminars and education fairs.

This year, the highly innovative and exuberant team of Tesla ’16 has organized an awe-inspiring number of 40+ events and 4 workshops. The events have been further categorized into 5 groups to cater to the core engineering disciplines.


Psypher comprises various programming events like Java Genie, C-Wiz, J.A.M and BattleCode and also interesting ones like Web Surfer, an Internet based treasure hunt; Algocrypt, a murder mystery solved through algorithms and a database competition OraSQL as well as a quiz called Geek Nation.


Guros which boasts of events such as Robo Race, Circuit Magic, which is nothing more than a circuit designing competition; SumoBots; a sensor-based event called Line Tracer  as well as a 4×4 Off Road Rally, Robo Cup, ENTC quiz and an exciting new aerial event – Game of Drones.


Creo consisting of events like Lathe Wars and Junkyard Wars, Pro E based 3D Modeling, a Mech Quiz and a nitro racing event called Nitrobusters; and for the second year in a row, a quadcopter and RC plane racing event called Aerothon.


Arqtekt under which there are an array of events ranging from ThinkSmart, a smart city presentation competition; Mindful Manager and Town Planning to Model Making, Design-O-CAD and Concreto. Plus a knowledge based quiz.


AtLANtus which is a category welcoming all sorts of enthusiasts with events based on technical gaming and Rubik’s cube plus an event on Rocket Launchers and a mock placements event called Race To Destiny to hone the skills of all students.


The workshops, based on highly educational and related topics, are as follows :

Brainwave Robotics, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics, IC Engines and Vehicle Dynamics and the Internet of Things.

In a special mention, Tesla this year has organized a treasure hunt using a student-developed Android application. BitQuest is the brainchild of second year engineering students where the treasure hunt is based in and around the MITCOE campus using QR code scanners.

Flashback - Tesla 2015

Tesla ’16 is brought to you by Suvidha Realcon Pvt. Ltd. And The Learning Curve School, Baner. As the Media Partners, 93.5 Red FM and Lokmat have aired informational advertisements of the fest. SEED Infotech, Ace Academy, Time Academy, Avance Education Load, ITM Group of Institutions and Gate Academy have also backed the event as the Education Partners. Jawed Habib is sponsoring the fest as its Styling Partner and Solaris is sponsoring the fest as its Fitness Partner. NPAV is Tesla ’16’s Computer Security Partner. The Mittal Group, Damble Gandhe Associates, Shree Constructions, Elite Elevating Lifestyles, Krishnae Infrastructure and Aman Honda are serving as the Arqtekt Partners while Robu.in is serving as the Guros Partner. Mazza Tiffin Express and Budhani Bros are the Food Partners of Tesla ’16. With Technical Support by RC Bazaar, Mechanical Support by Sincrowell Engineers; and Couchfeed and Campus Times Pune as the Online Publicity Partners, Tesla ’16 has strong support from its sponsors.

Every year, Tesla has a Core Team comprising of student volunteers, overseen by teachers. Each member of the core team handles some organizational domain. For the year 2016, Prof. Dr. A.S. Hiwale is the Tesla Convener, with Prof. Milind Penurkar and Prof. Dr. Rashmi Phalnikar as Teacher Coordinators. The Tesla Core this year includes Atish Kulkarni, Kuldeep Yelikar, Mayur Tambe, Najmuddin Kapadia, Priyanka Gaidhani, Punith Jain, Rahul Mhaskar, Ruchir Tatar, Sagar Rane, Saurabh Tagalpallewar, Shradha Kabu, Shreyas Shukla, Shubham Kabu, Varun Rohra.

The team of Tesla ’16 has tried to incorporate movements that have gained momentum in India such as the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, which is the Government of India’s campaign to take waste off the streets and promote cleanliness. To realize this, the Creative Team has recycled as many materials as possible to create their various publicity masterpieces. In correlation with the Honorable PM Narendra Modi’s “100 Smart Cities” project, a smart city presentation event called ThinkSmart is providing a platform for today’s generation to put forth all their ideas for the development of smart cities.

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