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MIT CREON is Taking Place on Feb 10, 11 With This Year’s Theme – ENCHANTIA

So we all know that MIT CREON is the Fest where we turn to our Creative skills. Literature and Arts are the major focal points of this event. This year their theme is: ENCHANTIA, A MAGICAL REALM.


This is indeed a magical month as Harry Potter Book Night commences on 4th of February, CREON will be held on 10th and 11th of February. Events ranging from Stage to Online are to be conducted. Given below is a break up of all the events taking places in MIT CREON:


Stage Events include Debates, Quizzes, Elocution and Minute Magic. Don’t these just remind you of your school days? With most of us having the greatest English teachers, we wished we learnt more of literature. Well, here’s your chance to ditch your technical lives and go live in the philosophical world.

Arts Beat is a section of CREON that allows you to showcase your Photography skills, Paintings, Sketches, Calligraphy and Face Painting.

CREON also has Online events like FIFA, Video making competition, Photography competition etc.

But we haven’t spoken about the best part yet!!!

Image Source: Insider.in

Sahil Shah of EIC will hail to MIT to share a few laughs with us. Yes, the same guy who was inspired by Terribly Tiny Tales and decided to make his own series called “Terribly Tatti Tales”.  Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The comedy show of the EIC munda will be held on 11th February.

So avoid your codes and wires for the weekend and join us in living the life of a free person. No limitations, no pressure, no deadlines. Just soak in all the literature and passion for life.

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