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9 Annoying Things Indian Students Do When They Go Abroad For Higher Studies

Heyy, guess which season it is? Winter? No! This is that pathetic season when Indian students fly abroad for ‘higher studies’! Yippee!! So for all those envious souls who are depressed looking at their cool airport selfies here is our take on top things that Indian students do when they go abroad for ‘higher studies’.

Make Public Announcements

Moving to another country is actually a big deal for any Indian. So naturally they are so excited about it that they will utilize all the opportunities at their disposal to announce the news worldwide.

And their poor friends have to hear this from their parents:

Dekh Sharmaji ke betene facebook me kya daala he. Amrica ja raha he wo. Tu bas gharme baithkar apne laptop me aatankwaadiyo ko goliya maar.

indian students studying abroad

Post Pictures of Plane's Wings & Airport Selfies


These people post updates as if people are waiting eagerly to check what they are gonna put next. All pics ranging from pouted selfie before entering the airport, pouted selfie inside the airport and pouted selfie at the destination airport. It’s so annoying that you’ll deactivate your account immediately.

.....And Lot More Pictures

Ohh godd. Stop. Please staaahp!

indian students studying abroad

Pathetic Attempts To Celebrate Indian Festivals

Some of these species never bothered to celebrate any festival properly when they were in India and after they go abroad suddenly they are reminded of the Indian culture and posts pics of them celebrating Indian festivals and feel so proud about it.

[gfycat data_id=”DirtySeveralFoxterrier” data_title=”false” data_autoplay=”true” data_controls=”false” data_expand=”true”]

Celebrate Events That They Have Never Heard Of

And to make the matters worse they also celebrate the festivals that they had never heard of, like Halloween. For them it’s like a massive fancy dress-cum-pouted-selfie competition. They’ll go attend Comic Con, Thanksgiving and many such events, much to the envy of those stuck in India.

[gfycat data_id=”FreeBlushingArawana” data_title=”false” data_autoplay=”true” data_controls=”false” data_expand=”true”]

Post Pictures of Dishes They Cooked

Now, this is a newly trending habit amongst the self-proclaimed NRI students. They’ll cook up some pathetic dish, click a photo through a convenient angle and then post it on Instagram and Facebook.

Ghar me tha tab kitchen dekha bhi nahi hoga life me, aur ab kaahe fotu daal rahe he bitwa?


Pose With 'Cooler' Foreign Friends

And it doesn’t stop there. Now they’ll post photographs posing with the local students who are now their so-called-friends.

[gfycat data_id=”IllinformedHeftyFlea” data_title=”false” data_autoplay=”true” data_controls=”false” data_expand=”true”]

Hop Around The Country

Now these super-excited Facebook addicts will roam around the famous places and concerts and post updates, pictures, check-ins. USwale will go to Times Square, Niagara falls & Beaches while the Germanywale will go everywhere around Europe.

And Then Remember What They Came Here For.... Yes. Higher Education.

And after all the hopping and jumping around the places their gaze falls on the books and the college brochures and then a big epiphany session later they start doing what they came here for- Higher Studies.

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Did we strike the right cord? Do you really feel annoyed just like we mentioned above? Then share this post and let your feelings out!

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