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Independence Day And What It Really Means | Samira Kulkarni

This piece of content is submitted by Samira Kulkarni. She is pursuing Engineering Course from PCCOE.

Today we are celebrating our 69th Independence Day. We celebrate this day as we were freed from the British rule on 15th August 1947. Since then Independence Day is celebrated in a grand way. This day is a tribute to all the freedom fighters who contributed in India’s independence.

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In regard of this, we celebrate this day on various scales.

Not only on a national level but in every school, college, organization & residential complex Independence day is celebrated.

We hoist our flag, there are patriotic songs sung and speeches are given .

The main attraction is our national flag ‘The Tirangaa’ .

Our flag is hoisted by senior people of the organization. People are seen with flag badges on their white clothes, some are seen with tattoos. Small children are seen holding paper flags in their hand.

We all are familiar with these scenarios.

Typically a week before 15th August these paper flags are seen in shops, people are found selling them at various places. People purchase it and till 15th August it is treated with honor and respect.

But what next???

After 15th August what happens to this flag??

kids selling Indian Flag on road

The next day these paper flags are found scattered on the roads in a bad state. Suddenly its importance is reduced.

Why does this happen? Is the flag important only on 15th August and 26th January??? Does our flag deserve this treatment?

It is natural that no one will store these flags forever. They have to be disposed somewhere. And does that ‘somewhere’ mean on roadsides? Then why even purchase it??

If we cannot give the treatment our flag deserves, its better we don’t purchase it.

Our flags are sold at 10,15,20 Rupees. Is this is the price of our National flag??

Instead of disrespecting our flag and our country we should avoid purchasing such flags. For celebrating independence day we do not need a flag in our hand.

What matters is that our flag and our love for India is within our hearts.

The way we say that it is our right to demand facilities from our nation, we also are bound to some responsibilities.

And the prime responsibility to respect our country.

But by selling, purchasing and throwing away our flag we are disrespecting our nation. Our flag represents our country. This flag is the pride of our country. This flag has its own unique identity on the international level. Flags are hoisted by organizations, and this is enough.

Every individual does not have to purchase a flag and lead to the insult of our country.

So this Independence Day think, observe and decide; should we really purchase paper flags, sell them for 5-10 rupees and insult our country??

Say NO to  paper flags.

Celebrate Independence of thoughts, of expression, of wisdom.

Let us all decide that by any means we will not disrespect our flag and our nation!

Happy Independence Day!! Jai Hind!

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