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E-Cell IIIT Pune Announced Its Next Event ‘Hackathon 2021’ | 8 June – 27 June

The E-Cell at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Pune announced its upcoming flagship event “Hackathon 2k21”, with its rousing tagline – “Let’s hack the future”, powered by Juspay Technologies.

The E-Cell at IIIT Pune witnessed its inception in December 2020 with its iconic tagline – “Think. Innovate. Sell. Prosper.” Keen on stirring the entrepreneurial buzz prevalent among the youth, the students have been orchestrating events to create opportunities for the young minds to test their innovative capacity and expertise in terms of entrepreneurship. It has already conducted two events since its establishment at the end of 2020 – “Ideathon 2k21” & “The Silk Route Quiz” – with an enthralling success in the first edition of these events even in the online mode. Both these events witnessed a footfall of nearly 500 participants from over 150 colleges across the country. A similar multitude of participants is expected in Hackathon 2k21 as well.

Hackathon 2k21 will start accepting registrations from 8 June 2021 till 18 June 2021 on DevFolio. The first round of the event will commence on 18 June 2021 wherein participants will submit their approach to resolve the proposed problem set before the portal is closed for submissions on 20 June 2021. After a seemingly endless wait for three days, the results of Round 1 will be declared on 23 June 2021, revealing the participants entering the final face-off.

Hackathon IIIT Pune

The E-Cell IIIT Pune shook hands with dynamic entrepreneurial personalities across the country to incite the students towards entrepreneurship. Eminent speakers like Aman Dhattarwal will be sharing their own journey in the Speaker Sessions being held from 21 June – 24 June 2021.

The final face-off is 50 hours long coding sprint from 25 June – 27 June 2021 revolving around three themes – Android App Development, Full Stack Web Development and Front-end Web Development. This is where the top coders will put their souls into nearly sleepless 50 hours to build authentic, innovative software solutions that hold the potential to revolutionize the world. In the race against the universe to create bigger things, this is their chance to venture and take the world closer to the finish line.

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The students at E-Cell IIIT Pune have always had a knack for accelerating the entrepreneurial tempo in the youth. With an alluring cash prize of Rs 1L, not only has it set the benchmark for every other IIIT, but Hackathon 2k21 is also the right set of opportunities for hundreds to code and execute their visions of a better future. It is an ideal platform for them to contribute towards a safe and intuitive user experience by combining their design, technology, and coding skills. Hackathon 2k21 offers an opportune moment to the pioneers in entrepreneurship to delight the world with their added user mindset and business logic. The event marks its end with a ceremonious prize distribution on 27 June 2021.

E-Cell IIIT Pune is set to witness another successful event and will not stop supporting the ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs of the country. It is ready to grow and let grow!

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