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Best 7 Funny Exam Videos to Watch during Study Leave

How to pass time during the final exams preparation weeks?

is the basic question on every student’s mind while they are trying to pass the exams without studying or actually working hard for exam-movies-meme-what-movie-should-i-watch the same. But one thing is sure that numerous new ways to waste the available time get invented during this period.
For all the hard work (LOL) been done during the semesters (especially during the submissions week), all the lies been spoken to teachers,  the body needs rest (to atleast think of excuses to come up with). For the students living at home with their parents, it is hard to survive in the house without being spotted with your cellphone. And for those who live in hostel or rental rooms, it is much difficult as there is no one to make them study by constant nagging. There is always one friend who destroys the planned strategy of studying.

There are many things those can be done during the finals week. To list out few, there are movies, internet, texting, hanging out with friends, cooking, and yeah SLEEPING !!! Well, for those who love internet, we have collected some hilarious and funny #ExamTime videos to watch while you decide to waste time. So, here are the best 7 funny videos related to exams and studying that we thought were amazing.


**Exam Related Funny Videos Collection**


1. Aaram Se Padhunga by TVF Qtiyapa (The Viral Fever)

2. Mr. Bean’s Exam Preparation

3. The VIVA – A short film by Sabarish Kandregula

4. How to Pass Exams by IISuperWomanII

5. Indian Students Group Study Fail by some random guys

6. Studying for Maths Test one night before the Exam

7. How to NOT study for your Exams by Frenchie Freshman

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