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5 Mantras That Every Student Should Follow To Be A Champion | Anurag Rathod

In this world of extensive competition and race, it can be difficult being a student. You have any a things to handle, right from co-curriculars to academics to sports to entertainment. It is quite normal having a tough time to manage everything at once. Although difficult, it is not  impossible. Here are a few tips which if followed duly, will get you to the top, and help you have the confidence.

1. Pen Down Your Thoughts

You must think, it is the key to actions. Think about your life goals, short time goals, things that you want to achieve, and things you want to improve. The second step is tp write it down. Thoughts are a very precious asset, which if not written are lost forever. Everyday dedicating just 15 minutes for this activity is enough, but it will help you to constantly track that you are on the right road towards your dream.

write down your thoughts writing on a book

2. Wake Up Early

This  is one thing which if you are able to do, then your productivity would increase by a very large amount. It is not that difficult too, once you get habituated then there are just no problems. This will increase the time you are giving for your dreams.waking up early alarm bells

3. Lower The Use of Unimportant Devices

This may sound like your mom’s advice but this a very important task. Teenage brings a want for better and better technologies and devices, and addiction to them is a very dreadful thing. To use them is smartness, to become their slave is not good. Best option is to just use them when it is of utmost importance.man using mobile phone in hand

4. Plan Your Studies

Studies need to be planned. You must have a specific schedule of days and subjects that you want to do on these days and the hours of work that you are going to put in. this schedule needs to be followed in most cases. And obviously you can have off days on weekends, with no restrictions to enjoy.thinking and writing the thoughts

5. Equal Importance To Co-Curricular

All the activities that you do in your teenage are of due importance, they help to shape up your personality. Take part in co-curriculars, culturals and sports, only academics is no fun.student playing sports games in college

About The Author

Anurag Rathod is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from Progressive Education Society’s Modern College of Engineering. He’s a guitarist and a drummer. Loves to write and make good friends.

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