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Once a Fergussonian, Always a Fergussonian | Raadha Dhongde

This piece of content was submitted to Campus Times Pune by Raadha Dhongde. Having spent more than 6 years in F.C. she claims to be something more than just a Fergussonian. 

I call myself the ‘Brand Ambassador’ of Fergusson College, because I have spent 6 complete years in this college and by the time I complete my masters, the 7th and final year would be over. I have never been in any school also for this long and so Fergusson is that way special to me. I have heard my friends talk about how at a stretch they have spent years in one particular school, when at those times I talk about my college. Coming to Fergusson was like another world in front of me.

The world full of new promises, freedom to decide things on my own, independence to choose between the right and not right and most important creating a niche for myself in the crowd. Having gone against many close ones, I had taken the decision to live away from home only to study the subject I was passionate about. My mom always said, I was lucky as I knew what I wanted to do so early in life. Yet with apprehension and confusion I took the first step in this college.


Fergusson taught me to be on my own, to know that sometimes it is okay to be alone, to wander alone through the corridors, parking lots without a fixed destination. It taught me to be brave, brave enough to say ‘hi’ to strangers who are now friends. It taught me to be accepting of people even though my views didn’t match theirs. It taught me to be more patient when things weren’t going my way, it taught me the art of forgiveness, when I was hurt deeply. Fergusson College has been a teacher, apart from the academics, of course.


After being in this place for 6 years and more I feel connected to it, with the few parts of this college we friends called ‘katta’. The memories of the Kimaya parking, the gymkhana where 1 tiffin was shared between many, the IMDR where we saw the rates get increase through the years and most important the main circle where I always found a familiar face. Well, of course I remember the ordeal too. The unending admission lines, the few uncooperative admin people, the struggle to attend the less interesting classes and the competition to succeed.

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Fergusson also gave me some of the most amazing friends because of whom the years pulled by so quickly. They became my comfort zone through the grad years and life seemed stress-free. But soon the happy shell was broken when I entered masters on my own without my people. That was another first step in the familiar place which somehow felt strange and soon at that moment I knew it was time my college wanted me to be courageous again. A new journey had begun.

The person I am today is much more than just being a ‘Fergussonian’.

This is my Alma mater, my college.

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