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Equilibria 2019 : Annual Fest Of Symbiosis School Of Economics | 22nd – 24th January

Symbiosis School of Economics’ annual fest Equilibria is back with a bang with its second edition and it is bigger and better than before! Fondly termed EQ’19, SSE’s annual extravaganza encompasses multiple categories of which two- the Cultural and the Social shall be unfolding over the course of the next three days- the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of January.

In the run-up to the fests, the ‘Pre-Fest’ events took place over the month of December which included the EQ Talkies- a movie screening-cum-open mic evening in college along with the much awaited College Prom!

The Cultural Fest is where the poets, dancers, musicians, and writers congregate to make magic happen. This segment of the Fest is truly unique in its breadth and diversity. There are close to twenty events that cover the entire gamut of the performing, literary, and creative arts and no stone is left unturned in ensuring that the Cultural Fest is a spectacle to be witnessed and experienced.

The mix of events reflects the varied student clubs on campus, thereby, bringing with it the assurance that each of the events under this mini-fest has been meticulously crafted by SSE’s in-house specialists of the field.

Here, is where you will find the crowd pleasers such as Verve and Equalizer. While Verve is a group dance competition, Equilizer is a battle of the bands. These take on the tone of a nail-biting reality show replete with fervour, suspense, and drama.

Events such as Hot Chocolate and Vissionaire are unique in their conceptualization. While the former involves teams that represent chocolate manufacturing countries bidding for raw materials in order to produce their goods in the most cost efficient manner possible, the latter pits entrepreneurs against investors in a Shark Tank meets Business Plan style contest.

For the Miss Marples and Hercule Poirots out there is Campus CID – a campus-scaled version of the Amazing Race replete with cryptic clues, alibis and nail-biting suspense while the poker enthusiasts will be sure to find themselves at home with Gutshot, a high-stakes poker tournament which is being organized in collaboration with PokerSaint.

The Cultural Fest also has an entire cluster of events solely dedicated to Fashion with a beauty pageant and an online design and styling based event entitled Meraki- which, along with Hot Chocolate are being introduced for the first time ever!

Coming to the Social Fest, Swikar has always strived to position itself as a forum to ask uncomfortable questions and challenge regressive social norms.

Last year, Swikar had rallied behind the causes of gender equality and the recognition of LGBTQ+ rights. This could not have been more well-timed given the extensive clean-ups initiated by the #MeToo movement and the historic amendments to Section 377 that took place in 2018. This year too, Swikar will be championing those pertinent causes via an array of eclectic and thought provoking events.

These include Assemblage, a panel discussion that aims to create a space for holistic and productive discussions on social issues such as gender roles and LGBTQ discrimination, which will be featuring eminent experts from the field putting across their expert opinions and thoughts. Swikar will also be featuring for the very first time, a short film event called ‘EQ Shorts’ where the mandate is to make a socially relevant short film on an assigned theme.

This year, the Cultural and Social Fests will be having the support of PokerSaint, Century Plywood, Globe Plywood, Evviva, Fat and Sexy Chef, Culinary Box, Mr. Dumpu Delicious Ice Creams, Peter Donuts and RSB among others. The fests would not have been possible without their incredible support.

Equilibria, in the end, has always been about bringing the college together under one happy commune. This is exemplified through its theme for the year, the ‘Mardi Gras’, which serves as the perfect metaphor for the celebratory ethos that embodies Equilibria!

To conclude, EQ’19 promises to be a grand spectacle that is be to seen to be believed. This should definitely not be missed- so mark your calendars for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of January 2019!

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