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Empowering Futures: The Transformative Journey of EDGE ’24 at VIT Pune

To carry forward and honor VIT Pune’s rich legacy, we proudly introduce “EDGE.” This pinnacle event, EDGE’24, stands as VIT Pune’s premier student summit, passionately focused on exploration, development, growth, and excellence. Designed to be more than just an event, EDGE’24 provides students with a unique platform to transcend their academic boundaries, learn from industry experts, and cultivate personal and professional development within an engaging and dynamic learning environment.

At its core, EDGE ’24 is not merely an event but a catalyst for personal growth and academic excellence, offering significant guidance and learnings on various aspects from Mock GDPI, and Resume LinkedIn to AI tools and Money management. With a commitment to holistic development, EDGE’24 delves into the inspiring journeys of successful individuals, aiming to ignite a flame of motivation and guidance for every participant. By navigating through the speaker sessions, workshops, and interactions,

EDGE aspires to be a transformative experience that propels students toward a future marked by career success and continuous self improvement.

“EDGE’24” will feature Flagship events, transformative Workshops, Keynote Speaker sessions, a Networking arena, Counseling rooms, numerous recreational activities, and much more. Poised to impart invaluable insights through enlightening talks and interactive sessions focused on discovering the secrets to seize every chance for a successful career.

About The Speakers :

Arsh Goyal

Edge'24 VIT

Arsh Goyal, a distinguished Senior Software Engineer at Samsung and a Gold Medalist B.Tech graduate from NIT Jalandhar is a luminary in the field of technology. With experience as a Software Engineer Intern at Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore and contributions to prestigious organizations like ISRO and CodeChef, Arsh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. As a YouTuber and educator, he has impacted over 50k students through 100+ talks and seminars, making him a sought-after speaker. Arsh’s insights promise to enlighten EDGE participants on the keys to success in the tech industry.

Dhairya Gangwani

Edge'24 VIT

Dhairya Gangwani, a distinguished career coach and the founder of “Dhairya Decodes,” brings a wealth of experience to EDGE’24. With a keen focus on empowering individuals in their career journeys, Dhairya has emerged as a guiding force for those navigating the complexities of professional development. Her expertise extends to decoding the intricacies of career choices and crafting pathways to success. As a speaker at EDGE, Dhairya aims to provide invaluable insights and guidance to participants seeking clarity and direction in their careers.

Saurabh Bhosale

Edge'24 VIT

Saurabh Bhosale is known popularly by his YouTube channel and comedy videos posted by him, He has a YouTube family of around 106K+. With an enchanting blend of charisma and humor, Saurabh is more than just a public speaker; he is a masterful storyteller who leaves audiences in awe. As the visionary founder of project_visioncy and company_of_content, Saurabh takes centre stage to share his wealth of wisdom and entertain with a touch of humor. Saurabh’s insightful narratives go beyond traditional boundaries, offering a fresh and rejuvenated perspective on life.

About Flagship Events :



In the Mock GDPI event, participants find themselves immersed in simulated group discussions and one-on-one personal interviews, providing a holistic experience to enhance their communication and presentation skills. Facilitated by industry experts, this comprehensive event serves as a crucial preparatory step for navigating real-world interview scenarios. Attendees receive personalized feedback and constructive criticism, refining their abilities to articulate thoughts, engage in group discussions, and present themselves effectively in interviews. The Mock GDPI event becomes a transformative opportunity for participants to bolster their confidence, adaptability, and overall preparedness for the dynamic challenges of professional interactions.

Edge'24 VIT

Carrer Canvas: LinkedIn and Resume Building 

Participants delve into the world of online professional presence with the LinkedIn Optimization Workshop. Led by seasoned LinkedIn experts, this flagship event provides insights into creating an impactful LinkedIn profile, networking effectively, and leveraging the platform for career growth. Attendees learn strategies to stand out in the competitive professional landscape, making meaningful connections within their industry and enhancing their overall professional visibility.

The Resume Building Workshop becomes a transformative experience for participants, guiding them through the process of crafting a compelling professional narrative. Led by experts in the field, this flagship event imparts the art of tailoring resumes to showcase achievements and skills. It is an essential step in presenting a polished and impactful resume to potential employers, setting the stage for success in the competitive job market.

About Workshops


Finance for Students

To bring mastery over financial planning and management, EDGE presents the Finance Management Workshop. Led by seasoned financial experts, this workshop equips participants with essential skills to navigate the complexities of personal and professional finances. From budgeting to investment strategies, attendees will delve into practical aspects of financial decision-making, empowering them to make informed choices for a secure financial future.

Edge'24 VIT

AI Tools

EDGE brings a transformative realm of artificial intelligence with the AI Tools Workshop. Led by industry experts, this workshop explores cutting-edge tools and their applications in the modern world. Participants will gain hands-on experience, and an understanding of the practical implications of AI in various domains. Whether you’re a novice or looking to enhance your existing skills, this workshop promises a dynamic and interactive journey into the exciting field of artificial intelligence

Edge'24 VIT

Personal Branding

For elevating your professional presence, EDGE’24 introduces the Personal Branding Workshop. Craft a powerful and authentic personal brand that sets you apart in the competitive landscape. Led by experts in strategic self-presentation and online presence optimization, this workshop provides practical insights into building a distinctive brand identity. Participants will discover the art of storytelling, visual identity crafting, and effective networking strategies to enhance their personal and professional image.


Off-Campus Placement Roadmap

EDGE in collaboration with GeeksforGeeks presents the specialised off-campus placements the workshop. Led by experts in the field, the Off-campus Placement Roadmap Workshop provides strategic guidance and expert advice. GeeksforGeeks, your guide to success, will unravel the complexities and provide insights to propel you ahead in the off-campus journey. Guiding topics from job portals and career pages to referrals and cold emailing, the workshop gives effective off-campus placement roadmaps for cracking dream companies.

Campus Activities

  • Networking Arena
  • Counselling Rooms
  • Recreational Activities

Event Schedule

EDGE is a three-day long student summit, called one of its kind. It will be held on 9th, 10th and 11th February at VIT Pune. Throughout the three days, workshops and speaker sessions will be conducted in scheduled ways one after the other. Mock GDPI will be directed as per the assigned slots whereas Networking Arena, Counseling rooms and Recreational activities will engage participants throughout the three-day summit.
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