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COEP Regatta : The Oldest Fest Of India Is Back With Its 91st Edition | 10th March 2019

College of Engineering Pune is back with its annual Boat Club Festival, Regatta! And this time, it is just as grand as ever!

COEP is blessed to be situated by the banks of the Mula river and is thrilled to be among the very few colleges in the world to have its own Regatta. Regatta literally means a series of boat races. The event showcases some of the most unique and rarest boats that exist in the country today. The festival, which has a history of 91 years, is a major attraction for the people of the city and draws in a huge crowd every year. One of the oldest events in the history of Pune, Regatta marks its 91st edition on 10th March 2019.

As the youth, we are sensitive towards the needs of our environment and believe it is our moral responsibility to look after it‚Äôs conservation and protection. With this thought in mind, the theme for this year‚Äôs Regatta is based on¬†S.O.S:¬†Spirit¬†of¬†Sustainability ‚Äď which resonates with the idea of adopting environmentally sustainable practices and aiming for the conservation and development of our environment.

Each year the students of the college come together to put up this spectacular event. Regatta is the outcome of two months of rigorous practice sessions, unparalleled enthusiasm, relentless determination and absolute passion. The student lodge in all the blood, sweat and toil to make it a success. Workout sessions include light cardio, push-ups , squats, crunches, ramp running, and other intense exercises which push the participants to their limits and help them in realizing their true physical potential and stamina.

Regatta primarily consists of six shows: Arrow formation, Shell Games, Kayak Ballet, Telematches, Punt Formation and Mashaal Dance.

Regatta begins with a magnificent display of all the different types of boats at the college boat club including the historic wooden Eighter. Of the three wooden eighters in Asia, CoEP is proud to be home to two of them. Together these boats form an arrow symbolising harmony and integrity.

The second show; Shell Games is a spectacular display of sleek and swift shell boats with oars impelled by the skilled rowers against the wavering water of the river. The synchronization amongst the rowers along with the resplendent ripples leaves the audience awestruck each time.

The next show is the Kayak Ballet, which consists of various dynamic shapes created using the unstable boats called Kayaks. Speed, agility and valiance define this show of kayaking wherein swift kayaks cut through wind and water. Kayak Ballet is a favourite amongst the audience and is one of the most thrilling parts of Regatta.

Next up, Telematches is a theme-based event which demonstrates an incredible display of fireworks. It involves performing various moves using boats while crossing through fires and many more thrilling moves.

Punt Formation is one of the oldest events of Regatta. It takes place in the dark and consists of forming shapes using boats called, Punts. The wonderful shapes, the smooth and gradual transitions, the underlying theme being anchored in the background-all make Punt Formation a visual treat for the audience.

And last but not the least is Mashaal Dance, which is an enthralling show of Mashaals. The beautiful reflection on the calm waters is wonderful sight. It is the only event in which no boats are used as well as no water body is concerned.

Regatta creates a lifetime of memories, not just for the spectators but also for its participants! Students associate Regatta as a fun-filled learning experience, a chance which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Undoubtedly, Regatta is a visual treat for it’s audience, but there are some other perks to it too. Regatta is a wonderful opportunity for the students to get introduced to watersports like rowing, kayaking and canoe and pursue them at a professional level. Many participants continue these sports after the event and represent the college at State and National Level. Also, once acquainted with these sports, students can come back anytime to the boat club, even after graduating from the college and play these sports for recreational purpose.

So all in all, Regatta is much more than an event. It is the existence of an age-old tradition, a legacy being carried forward every year, with its splendor higher in magnitude each time.

So, be prepared for a lit 91st Regatta!

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