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Know More About The Workshops To Be Conducted in Mindspark 2016 | Rupali Jadhav

Keeping alive the tradition of technical festivals, College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) has come back with its 10th edition of MindSpark. The theme for MindSpark ’16 , ‘A Green Expedition’ is chosen considering the need of the hour where students can come up with their skills and talent to deal with the most critical problems. The aim is to bring about a tangible and positive impact as an engineer, fostering all round development.


As a part of the event, MindSpark conducts workshops all over Maharashtra to inspire students and give them opportunities to show off their technical skills. COEP being one of the top institutes for technical education in the country wants to reach out to students of different parts of the country and thus came up with the Outreach program.

Last year, MindSpark’15 ended with an inspiring keynote lecture by the Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Prithviraj Chavan and an energizing performance by the very melodious Mr. Avdhoot Gupte. You can read a complete event review for COEP Mindspark ’15 here. Team Campus Times Pune had also set up a Selfie Booth at the event being a media partner.

As a part of MindSpark ’16, the Outreach team organises various technical workshops and seminars across the state of Maharashtra relating to topics like Robotics, I C Engine, Auto Hauling, Internet, Web Design and development, etc.


CoEP also hosts similar In-house workshops which will be organised in the campus on the 17th and 18th September, 2016 which is foreseeing an amazing crowd of not only the brainies from Pune but also many techies from all over Maharashtra. This year total of eight workshops will be held.

With the increasing number of ethical hackers, the number of system vulnerabilities have also shot up. All the hackers will have an amazing time in the ‘Ethical Hacking’ workshop learning about fighting against cybercrimes and protecting  systems from shenanigans. The workshop will also teach the students about mobile hacking, malwares, the web attacks, the operating systems, e-mails, etc.

mindspark 2016 ethical hacking

internet of things mindspark 2016

Another workshop organised for the computer techies is  ‘Internet of Things’ in which the participants will learn about the entire basics and details of this new technology. The workshop will start with the introduction to Internet of Things and the participants will also learn designing a web app. The fun part of the workshop is Designing a box that can update its Facebook status automatically and designing a bench/chair which tweets every time someone sits on it.

Want to crack an interview? Here is another workshop, ‘From Hello to Hired’ which will teach the participants important skills like resume writing, body language, communication skills, etc., which will give them an extra edge over everyone else. This intensive workshop focuses on boosting students confidence in getting through the interviews. The training will involve a  pre-course questionnaire, activity based questions, mock interviews, a post course questionnaire and a certificate for each participant. The participants will also experience individual mock interviews conducted by the highly experienced faculty members of the College.

from hello to hired mindspark 2016

quadcopter mindspark 2016 pune

Are you a robo freak? ‘Swarm Robotics’ and ‘Quadcopter’ are the workshops you should attend. Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems which consist of large number of simple physical robots. Swarm Robotics is a technological advancement in Mobile Robotics. The main focus of this workshop is to introduce the students with various methods of communication that can be used to transfer data between multiple machines.

The ‘AutoCAD’ workshop will give the participants advanced knowledge in the field of designing and drawing with an overview of all the tools and train them according to the needs of the current industry. The teaching strategy is to start with a few basic tools that enable the student to create and edit a simple drawing, and then continue to develop those tools. More advanced tools are also introduced throughout the course.

auto cad mindspark 2016

gesture controlled interface mindspark workshop 2016

‘Gesture Controlled Interface’ is a workshop that will focus on introducing the participants to the world of gestures. The workshop will be divided into 4 sessions. They will be introduced to various concepts and practically implement these concepts towards the end of the session. By the end of the workshop the students will be able to make a gesture controlled robot and gesture controlled system. The students will also learn basic concepts related to embedded systems.

Who will not want to learn making their own RC Car? The ‘RC Nitro Car’ workshop will see complete dismantling and assembling of the RC car with proper explanation of each and every component. The workshop brings you face to face with automobile technology while providing you valuable hands-on experience of automobile engineering under the guidance of renowned professionals.

rc nitro car mindspark 2016 workshop

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