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Are You Ready to Make a Career in Digital Marketing? | Khushboo Sharma

This piece of content has been submitted by Khushboo Sharma. She is a Digital Marketer | Content Writer | Voracious Reader | Tea addict, Food lover & Dreamer. Follow her on Twitter – @gleamkhushi

Digital Marketing.

I am sure that you all are aware of this career option. This career field is on boom nowadays. According to Google, Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to different promotional techniques deployed to reach & acquire customers via online channel. You can get more info visiting Calesence Digital website. Have you ever seen those engaging web banner ads, campaigns, informative blog posts often during surfing the net? All these are different forms of Digital Marketing!

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As the world is getting digitized every minute, Digital Marketing is a growing career opportunity today. With impressive features like an instant response, flexibility, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, etc., Digital Marketing is making a strong case in the world of Marketing and Advertising. Especially, the mid-size organisation & startups who prefer going online to sell their brand. Today ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Marketing’ both are becoming alike. One survey says that if we compare traditional sales with online sales, the ratio of online sales is increasing.

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India’s lighthouse e-commerce platform – Flipkart has had a bumper Big Billion Day sale in 2015. According to a top Flipkart executive, they sold more than $200 million (approx Rs. 1300 Crore) worth of Mobile phones during the five-day Big Billion say sale extravaganza. Those numbers pretty much clear mist around this most frequently asked question,

“Is there enough scope in Digital Marketing…?”

Required Qualities of a Digital Marketer

Career in Digital Marketing

Now let’s talk about the qualities needed to be a digital marketer for one of the top marketing company brands. The candidate must be a complete internet freak. He should have more than elementary knowledge about the web, and must have powerful presence on social media. He/she should be imaginative and understand how to create strategies for digital marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube at Work...?


Social media optimization is an important factor of digital marketing. Digital marketer handles promotion through social networking sites. Nowadays companies are more fond of running campaigns & ads on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, as they look forward to collect most attention of people across the world. Brands don’t even hold back when it comes to the use of memes & funny images as it increases the audience engagement.

Google is Much More Than What You Know


The most used search engine, Google drives more than 76% organic traffic to the websites around the world. Admit it… without Google, you wouldn’t even know the names of most websites you use everyday. This is exactly what makes it an inseparable part of online marketing. Everyone wants to be on Google. Awareness about the latest Google algorithms, knowledge about technical tools like; SEO tools & analytical tools is helpful. You need to stay updated with the ever changing trends and system upgrades from Google.

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“Digital Marketing candidate must have a clear objective and set deliverables from the activity, the communication is worked out, and the required landing pages are created. Banner creatives with communication are used on the sites and tracking mechanisms are used to keep a track of the performance,”

said Satya Prabhakar, CEO and founder of Sulekha.com.

Detailing the job profile of a digital marketer, Subrata Roy, founder of Vervecom Media, adds,

“A digital marketer understands the needs of a client. It is his job to hand over brand promise to the client.”

So, guys all the best for discovering yourself in this digital era, and make an impressive career in Digital Marketing.

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