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13 Amazing Snaps That Define The Campus Life of MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi

MIT AOE Alandi is now an autonomous institute situated near bank of Indryani  river at a holy place Alandi. The one thing that is special about this place is the peace that you feel after visiting here. So let’s take you to the journey of our beautiful and peaceful college “MIT Academy of Engineering” through our 13 images.

The One with the Entrance

This is where our journey starts, entrance of the college. The walk to the main building is long but if you land in MIT AoE you will definitely create unforgettable memories walking through this road. The greenery and the awesome weather will blend in together to make you feel amazing.

main entrance mit alandi pune campus image

The One with the Main Building

This is the place where your journey will start at MIT AoE “D-Wing”. This wing has Principal office, Student section, seminar hall, Library  so if it’s your first day or last you will have to visit here.

mit aoe main building campus images pune

The One with the Bells

You can say these bells are kind of signature mark of MIT AOE .You will find these beautiful crafted bells hanging in the corridor, adding beauty to the campus. Don’t worry these are not the real bells they are just crafted showpieces.

mit alandi campus images bells pune

The One with Garden

This is the place where you can sit, relax and have a good talk with your friends and college group. There are some folding garden tables and chairs to the side, reserved as a little party area. You may consider this as the fun area, study area or the area where you complete your assignment at the last moment.

mit alandi campus images garden pune

The One with the Books

The college has the one of the most beautiful library and you will find almost every book related to your curriculum. Visiting library every time is prime feeling and I guess this may be the reason you will always find a friend of yours studying there.

library of mit alandi campus images pune

The One with Workshop

This is the workshop area. If you are a mechanical engineering student this place is like second home to you. There would be times when you’ll have to spend nights completing your projects. I am not kidding. Look into my eyes.

mit alandi campus images workshop

The One with the Boys' Hostel

This is the college boys’ hostel “Prayag”. The place where you spend your time making new friends roommates, birthday parties, studies and *cough* *cough* watch *cough* porn *cough*.

mit alandi boys hostel pune campus

The One with Reading Hall

You are definitely gonna thank your college for providing this space. This place can be the reason you pass your semester. You can study here for hours without any disturbance. You will also find some legendary people who come there just to watch their crush study.

mit alandi reading hall campus images pune

The One with Greenery All Around

Well you can find plenty of greenery all around the college. From entry to exit there is a beautiful garden to admire.

mit alandi campus life images pune

The One with ‘’H-Wing’’

This is the Computer and Mechanical department of MIT AOE, the building is at the back side of the college. I must say you can find some private place out here. Don’t ask how do I know that.

mit alandi campus images h wing building pune

The One with Labs

You will find well equipped labs in the college with uninterrupted internet facility. I repeat, Uninterrupted!

mit alandi campus images pune labs

The One with Corridor

This is the corridor area is where you will be roaming all day around, bunking the lectures.

mit alandi campus images pune corridors infrastructure

The One with ‘’A-Wing’’

This wing consists of E&TC, IT, Chemical department on respective floors. Hard time if you have classes on top floor and trust me it will drain the shit out of your body!!

a wing mit alandi campus images pune

If you are/were part of our college I am sure you must have related to all the snaps above! I urge all the folks of MIT AoE to share this article all over your network. Let’s show them how awesome our campus is!

Special thanks to our super awesome Campus Times Pune Team in MIT Academy of Engineering who proactively helped us in every way possible to get this article published.

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