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Hit life’s milestone event- Attend the 67th Milestone by BMU | April 5th – April 7th

When one hears the word ‘milestone’, the first thing that one thinks of is a worn-out piece of white-washed stone, sitting hopelessly on the side of the road. That’s LITERALLY a milestone. The next thing that comes to mind is a significant stage, an important event in the life of something. The 67th Milestone is exactly that; quite an important event. One that you might not want to miss out.

BML Munjal University is back with its annual fest, 67th Milestone. A unique, carefully curated festival. An experience crafted to have showcase the very best of the cultural and technical aspects whilst keeping its ‘festival’ mood intact.


Let your tongue do the talking. Choose the best among many at the food court.
With emotions enigmatic, be dramatic.
And with best of your attire, set the stage on fire.
Experience again the joy of car racing, and discipline your robots for line tracing.
If computer is your friend, and machine language makes more sense than human, then be a hacker for a day, and make the codes your thoughts convey. Why should cars have all the fun? Show them all that drones are capable too, show the genius in you. Make your drones fly high and fetch you the winning position. Innovators and inventors, we have mentors for you. Come clear your doubts and dilemmas.

In the hall of summer wake the artist inside you and paint all you can imagine. Try your scientific acumen in the kitchen with some culinary experiments and get a chance to become the BMU Masterchef. Bring alive the Sherlock in you, be a part of the Treasure Hunt at BMU. Look for the clue, and find the treasure as fast as possible.

Dance off at BMU but pay heed as you’ll be judged for it too. And of course, there’s band wars with a multitude of genres like rap, hip hop, classical and modern.

It’s truly a great achievement for the 67th Milestone to organize the SunBurn pro night on the 6th of April 2018. Come and witness the spirit of EDM and some beautiful, groovy music with the rhythms of Julia Bliss who has been instrumental in shaping the EDM culture in India.

This is not all, we have a lot more to make your participation a memorable one for you as well as us. We are kicking off on April 5 and goes on till April 7. We look forward to seeing you there. Be a sport and make it to BMU.

Ven a disfrutar el fest!


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Event Details
Event Name
67th Milestone
BML Munjal University, National Highway 8 67 KM Milestone, ,Gurgaon, ,Haryana -122413
Starting on
April 5, 2018
Ending on
April 7, 2018
About the Event
A milestone festival with a combination of the trio- Tech, Art and of course, and an EDM Night!

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