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Pune To Witness A High Profile Band Competition – ‘The Bandcubator’ At High Spirits Café | Ultimate Battle Of Bands


Wait... Whaaat??

Yes! You read that right!

Music has always been High’s first love and has played a very integral part in shaping them up as a venue. They take immense pride in crossing over genres very often while styling their music with ample Indie-ness. To take their love for Indie music to the next level, they have created a fresh opportunity to bring forth upcoming talent and level the playing field between the experienced and newly inducted in the Indie space.

Wow! Keep Talking...

Through Bandcubator, their motive is to provide a potent platform for fresh, professional, deserving bands thus, enabling them to create more and better quality music for you and them (because they love original music!)

bandcubator event high spirits cafe pune band competitions

High Spirits Cafe is a congregation of Pune’s spurious youth. Home to misguided youth, wannabe adults and golden oldies, the High offers solace via cheap alcohol, great food and incredible ambience. High Spirits has the best music in town and is known as the Indie station of Pune. Featuring top bands and DJ’s from across the country and a vast array of international artists, their gigs simply can’t be beaten! They have the longest running Karaoke in the city and host the city’s craziest theme parties. They have received accolades from Times Nightlife and Burrrp and have been featured on NDTV Good Times and CNBC Young Turks.

Roargasmic....!! And When Is This Event??

Well…. It’s a six day event starting from 7th February and then the grand finale on 13th March!

bandcubator high spirits cafe pune event band competition


High Spirits Cafe, 35A/1, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

What's The Haul?

High Spirits wants the winning band to feel over the moon and to make sure they do, they have created a package deal for them which might sound like it’s too good to be true!

The winning band takes home:-

– 1.4 lakhs prize money

– EP recording deal with Cottonpress Studios, Mumbai

– 4 city tour with Mixtape

– Video screening on MTV Indies

– Goodies from Furtados

The Bandcubator Important Links

Cover Image Source: Thehighspiritscafe on YouTube

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