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Embracing Parinama: The Heart of Industry 5.0 at Yashasvi 2024, SCMHRD

Nestled in the heart of India’s educational landscape, the Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) stands as a beacon of excellence in nurturing world-class leaders and entrepreneurs. Renowned for its commitment to academic rigor and practical relevance, SCMHRD has carved a niche as a trusted name in the corporate world. The institute prides itself on its robust industry connections, fostered through a vibrant mix of student-led initiatives, and the prolific consulting and research endeavors of its distinguished faculty. This year, SCMHRD is set to elevate this legacy with the 7th edition of its Annual Management Conclave, Yashasvi 2024, embracing a pioneering hybrid format.

Yashasvi, the flagship three-day event orchestrated by SCMHRD’s Management Committee, is a testament to the institute’s ethos of experiential learning. This conclave serves as a dynamic platform where students are provided the rare opportunity to engage directly with luminaries from the corporate world. These interactions with industry veterans, known for their ascent to success through unwavering dedication and resilience, provide invaluable insights and experiential learning to the students. Yashasvi stands as a confluence of visionary thought leadership and pragmatic business acumen.

Yashasvi 2024 SCMHRD

Scheduled to unfold in the third week of January 2024, from the 22nd to the 24th, this edition of Yashasvi is anchored around the theme ‘Parinama’ , signifying transformation. In the essence of this Sanskrit term lies the heart of the conclave’s vision – to reimagine the future through the lens of Industry 5.0. ‘Parinama’ encapsulates a future where technological innovation and human insight merge, embodying the transformative spirit of Industry 5.0. This theme is a clarion call to embrace a future where technology not only complements but enhances human potential

Beyond the intellectual stimulation of the conclave, Yashasvi extends into a competitive realm where SCMHRD students pit their skills against peers from premier B-Schools across India. This segment includes a series of case study competitions across diverse domains such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Analytics, and Infrastructure Management & Development. Launched on the Unstop platform, these competitions challenge aspiring managers to navigate and solve real-world business challenges, testing their acumen, creativity, and strategic thinking.

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As SCMHRD gears up for Yashasvi 2024, we extend a cordial invitation to students, professionals, and industry enthusiasts to be a part of this transformative journey. Whether your interest lies in gaining insights from industry trailblazers, testing your managerial mettle, or simply witnessing the fusion of academia and industry, Yashasvi is your destination. Join us as we step into the future of management, guided by the spirit of ‘Parinama.’

As a premier institution based in Pune, SCMHRD has been a vanguard in the realm of management education for over three decades. Renowned for its rigorous academic program and deep industry integration, SCMHRD continues to forge paths in creating tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs.

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