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X-tract : Datathon with a Story to Tell

About DJS-S4DS

As humanity advances towards a new age that thrives on data, Data Science is the revolution taking over the globe. DJS-S4DS is one of the few student chapters in Mumbai raising the bar for innovative data science events.

Hailing from the Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, this team of budding engineers is now organizing a new state-of-the-art event that aims to surpass the status quo by enlivening data science with the thrill and excitement of a hit-and-run bank robbery. 

D J Sangvi Xtract


X-tract creates the perfect harmony of data science and thrill. A successful robbery results from an intricate amalgamation of skills like problem-solving, time management, and decision-making. X-tract is here to simulate this thrilling experience by means of a riveting storyline. Participants will experience a 4-hour electrifying event where they will have to use their prowess in data science and machine learning to cross the hurdles in order to seal the golden victory.

General Flow:

The event is split into 4 major stages:

  • Planning:
    This is the first stage of the event, carefully crafted so that even an amateur audience can cross it on the basis of logic and basic statistics. It ensures that every participant takes away something from it that tickles their curiosity about the domain.
  • Encryption:
    This is the second stage of the event, testing the decryption skills of the participants. Cipher-based encryption is a crucial skill for a good data scientist. The participants have to choose their question, ranging in difficulty and credits.
  • Data Science:
    The third stage caters to a relatively polished set of participants. It explores both ends of the spectrum. The unique story-driven approach aims at making complex mathematical-based algorithms fun to work with.
  • Machine Learning:
    This is the fourth and final stage of the event. Only the participants that withstand the challenges so far will land here. A sophisticated Machine Learning classification model will have to be created, based on historical data.

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Judging Criteria:  

The participants will be judged based on the points they manage to ‘X-tract’ and the accuracy of their ML model. Questions of varying difficulties are assigned different heist points, so participants will have to make a crucial decision of whether to grab a higher heist with the risk of failing or a lower heist with more possibility of succeeding. The event aims to teach the participants the importance of smart decision-making at every level.

Key Takeaways:

X-tract, a one-of-its-kind event, has something in store for everyone; be it a novice who has just dipped his toes into Python, or an advanced-level data science aficionado. 

With the clock ticking, the adrenaline rush induces unmatched excitement. The varied data science dynamics are squeezed to the last drop, with grueling time-bound challenges and clues hidden in plain text; just like a needle in a haystack.  

X-tract gamifies a classroom subject like data science and showcases the domain’s versatility to be used in the advancement of any field imaginable

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