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7 Types of Classmates You Will Surely Meet In B.Com Course

With all the limelight being thrown on engineering guys, we thought why not let the B.Com guys take the stage for a while.

We present to you 7 types of classmates you might come across during your college life as a B.Com student.

The CA

Easily recognizable, these types turn up only during submissions and exams. The rest of the year they’re busy running around like mad hens, from one class to another.

The Pappa ka Business

This classmate has no worries whatsoever about the future. Their daddy ji has them covered you see. These would probably be the most chilled out guys you’ll see on campus. For what do they care about entrance exams.

The MBA Type

You’ll come across many of these. They’re anthem would be “Hum honge kamiyab ek din”.

Frequently used terms: CAT, MAT, NMAT, CET, CMAT

Anything you need to know about any management institute in the country, they’re your person.

The Sharps Ambassador

This person won’t carry any books to college the whole year. Really. Not a single book.

A month (a week – for the braver ones) prior to exams you’ll see this type at ABC buying…SHARPS.

Nope, its not a weapon to kill the examiner.

It’s probably the most widely used last minute notes with the added benefit of pathetic language.

The Bank Exam

These guys have their priorities set.

Bank Exam = Bank Job = Life Set! (How do you make it sound so easy?!)

The Start-Up Type

These are the ones always brimming with ideas. Constantly on the lookout for opportunities, they are creative, curious & proudly wear that bit of craziness.

The Extra Curricular Activity Enthusiast Type

These are the guys who have signed up for nearly every student club, some of which you didn’t even know existed. Every club meeting you go, you’ll see them. It’s at times like these you wonder if they somehow managed to get their hands on Hermione’s time travel locket!

So these were 7 types of classmates you would encounter in a B.Com course. Do you know more types? We would love to add them in this list. Just send us your views in the comments below.

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