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Pune’s Local Theatre Group ‘Mystique’ Presents Their New Play – Sherlock & My Home | Shivani Karhadkar

Mystique is a theatre group run by  theatre lovers in Pune and so far we have successfully staged some English plays like  Mirad ..A boy from Bosnia, Mirad II, At the ark at Eight, The Puppets, & Macbeth. In 2013 we participated in the state level drama competition and received many awards in the various categories for the Marathi play ‘Aajcha..Baki Itihaas’, a modern adaptation of the legendary play ‘Baki Itihaas’, by Badal Sircar.

sherlock and my home pune plays

This year we are ready with our new production Sherlock & My Home.

Synopsis of Sherlock & My Home

Jaydeep Avinash Kulkarni is 15. He knows “every prime number up to 7,507”. Jaydeep has Asperger’s syndrome, though this is never specified. He can cope with facts, with concrete detail; emotions confuse and alarm him. Jaydeep sees everything, remembers everything, but cannot prioritize – cannot sift out what most of us regard as important. On the day he is told his mother is dead, he records his Scrabble score, and notes that supper was spaghetti with tomato sauce. But he isn’t callous or indifferent.

He lives in Kothrud, Pune with his father and he abhors all yellow and brown things, thinks he would make a good astronaut, and has never been further than the end of the road on his own until his discovery of the “murder” of ‘Sherlock’, his neighbor’s dog turns him into an amateur detective. As he collects facts relating to the death of the dog, he unintentionally pieces together a jigsaw that reveals to the audience the lies, grief and evasions of his parents’ lives.

‘Sherlock & My Home’ is a creative take on the novel ‘The Curious incident of the dog in the night time’ by Mark Haddon. The special treatment given to the play, its form attracts simultaneously the adults and older children; despite its clarity and simplicity, it operates on several levels.

sherlock and my home pune plays

The play is co-directed by Darshan Naik and Shivani Karhadkar  (myself).


Jaideep Kulkarni

Avinash Kulkarni

Antara Kulkarni

Ms. Cynthia


Saket Raje

Pankaj Wathodkar

Rashmi Nilakhe

Shivani Karhadkar

Ensemble actors team – Deepankar Pai, Omkar Pandhare, Aashish Joshi, Rutwik Khalanekar, Viraj Sawai, Sailee Potphode, Shivani Sonar.

The light design and arrangements by Rahul Jogalekar. Music by Akshata Bhole & animation by Abhilash Naigaonkar.

sherlock and my home pune plays

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