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The First Ever TEDxCCOEW Event Was Successfully Hosted On 18th April 2021

The theme Strings was central to the event, which was hosted virtually this time. Six Speakers graced the event with their passionate talks. Dr.Vikram Athalye, a Quantum physicist, gave an insightful talk and raised our curiosity about the causal connectedness and contribution of the human brain as a subject of cognizance in the sub-system.


Renelle Snelleksz, a dance movement therapist, emphasized dance movement therapy as a way to heal our emotional wounds. Sameer Belvalkar, a fashion photographer, through his lens, showed us a different angle to the art of photography. According to him, photography is about the inner beauty and confidence in oneself and not just the looks. Pooja Pradeep, CEO of Letters of love, had a strong message of humanity. Her quote “Art helps us to not just tolerate differences, but to celebrate them” left all listeners captivated.


Yajurvendra Mahajan, Director of Deepstambh Foundation and a social worker, gave us an eye-opening talk that deeply inspired us to care for underprivileged people and reminded the duty of giving back to society. Rajib Gangopadhyay CEO of electric bike startup for green future talked about the emergence of E-bikes as a sustainable alternative. Guest performers Rashmi Papulwar, a painter, and Priyadarshini Deshmukh, a singer gave moving and elegant performances stringing the event together.



We had over 100 attendees for the event, who were all inspired and impacted by the ideas spread by our esteemed speakers. In today’s world where we need hope, compassion, love, and encouragement, Strings inspired us all to be optimistic for our future and our responsibilities towards it. The 2.5-hour event came to an end with an enlightening networking session, where all the attendees were able to interact and ask questions to the speakers. We all left the event in awe and admiration and took with us some ideas worth spreading! We eagerly look forward to our next event with another unique set of such inspiring speakers.

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