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Slash’s Birthday Party with 2Blue (A Tribute to Guns N’ Roses) | The High Spirits Café

Hey isn't it Slash's birthday this Sunday?

It is!

“Guns n’ Roses are perceived as dangerous because we’re so unpredictable and willing to take chances,” Slash commented in 1991. “To be a real anarchist, you have to have a lot of integrity to be able to follow through with it. Rock and roll is all about attitude and rebellion. It’s supposed to be fun, spontaneous, a release.”

Yes he did! Those words couldn't be truer.

An iconic band to say in the least, they have given us classics like Don’t Cry, November Rain, Paradise City, among many more.

Guns n’ Roses rank alongside a handful of hard-rock bands with punk-rock attitudes – beginning with the Rolling Stones and extending through Aerosmith and AC/DC – that shook and shocked the world.

They were uncompromising, tempestuous, explosive and controversial – everything but predictable.

Indeed! If only there was a way to celebrate this weekend as a tribute to him and the band!

Your wish has been granted friend!


What? Really?


The High Spirits Café is celebrating the guitarist’s role in forming one of the greatest bands in the late 20th century, and are having their very own Slash’s Birthday special Tribute to Guns n Roses!

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Give me the details !

Date: Sunday, 24th July

Time: 9 pm onwards

Venue: The High Spirits Cafe

Entry: Rs. 200 per head

Event Page: Facebook

Great! Thank you!

Great way to celebrate a legend, isn’t it?

Come home to the music this Sunday evening!

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