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Race Between SRK’s FAN And His Fans | Abhijit Jagtap

While the world’s biggest superstar is bringing out another of his blockbusters on 15th April, his fans are no less. His fans are doing different and crazy things to showcase their love towards the superstar and his upcoming movie. Among the race between his fans, the strongest contender is SRK Universe.

shahrukh khan fan movie poster 2016

SRK Universe is the most famous, successful and amazing fan club you will ever see. Since 3 years the fan club has done a great job to show SRK how much his fans love him. The fan club is not limited to India alone but is spread worldwide much like the superstar’s charm. Twitter now has multiple handles of SRK Universe for different cities in India as well as for countries around the globe.

SRK Universe Pune is one of them. With the release of SRK’s film FAN on the cards soon, the song ‘Jabra Fan’ is the one on everyone’s mind. The song has gained so much popularity that fans are recording videos of them singing and dancing to the song and dedicating to the star.

shahrukh khan fans pune charity fan movie 2016

SRK Universe Pune’s members with the help of Kunal (profesional dancer and owner of Kunal Dance Floor Studio, Pimple Saudagar) made a video for SRK to show him the unconditional love they have for him. The video was acknowledged by SRK himself on Twitter with the words “Love you Pune”.

The group went to an NGO ‘Sarveksha Seva Sanghache Balak Aashram’ which takes care of small children. They had the opportunity to spend time, play and even provide food for the kids at the aashram. In the process they realized that it gives so much joy to do something for others.

shahrukh khan fans pune charity fan movie 2016

SRK Universe is conducting a first day first show event on 15th April of FAN in E-Square, University Road, Pune. Those interested to join can contact:

Abhijit +91 9881303331

Abrar +91 9028711067

shahrukh khan fans pune charity fan movie 2016

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