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100rupis.com presents Pune’s Best Company Awards 2017 | 28th April, MCCIA Pune

On the eve of 28th April 2017, Pune was lit with what is now being called ‘Film fare of the Tech Industry’ where well-renowned CEOs, Tech enthusiasts, and corporate heads had gathered under one roof to host, judge and take part in the “100Rupis.com presents Pune’s  Best Company Awards 2017”. It was indeed a complete blend of entertainment and technology with quite mesmerizing performances by Streak Motion dance Academy.

This was the first year of the awards and aimed at appreciating companies and enterprise which work day and night to produce technological solutions and innovative ideas which can be used efficiently in the market as a whole. It was without a doubt quite a tough competition and it was evident that the jury members were having a hard time selecting the winners.


The Pune’s Best Company Awards 2017 presented by 100Rupis.com were awarded to the following winners:

Pune’s Best Software Testing Company 2017

The winner of Pune’s Best Software Testing Company 2017 was rewarded to vTEST Software which is an independent testing and services enterprise for the web and mobile apps.

Pune’s Best UI Company 2017

PowerPoint Geek was awarded Pune’s Best UI Company 2017. They take the privilege in being experts in designing highly engaging powerpoint presentations which are both creative and professional.

Pune’s Best Software Company 2017

Deven Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was awarded Pune’s best software Company 2017. They specialize in cloud-based apps and mobility. They also partner in supporting start-ups where they provide guidance and services which involve idea elaboration, design, engineering, maintenance, and operations.

Pune’s best iOS Apps Development Company Award 2017

For all apple lovers out there take note as Ashore Systems Pvt. Ltd. won Pune’s best iOS Apps Development Company Award 2017. They specialize in providing consulting work for websites, a web application for iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa apps and also working Bluetooth technology related mobile apps.

Pune’s Best Java Development Company 2017

Pune’s Best Java Development Company 2017 award went to Cybercode Consolidates; they deliver application development, project management, Native app development, and UI/UX Design and consulting to clients.

Pune’s Best Social media Optimization Company 2017

Real Buzzone won Pune’s Best Social media Optimization Company 2017. Their expertise flows in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Global Public Relations, Web Development and Marketing & brand strategy.

Best Android Apps Development Company

NexGeN Inventive Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.​ received Pune’s Best Android Apps Development Company 2017 award. They are in services like ERP Development,crm in php, .net , java and best at android and iOS development with digital marketing.​ Mr Abhishe​k Kumar Burman, CEO of NexGen said,

“It is very exciting and glorious moment for us, we think 100rupis.com will continue this type of event globally.”

Pune’s Best Content Company 2017

Vedh Content and Communication was awarded Pune’s Best Content Company 2017. They are a company which provides a complete content solution for corporate companies, start-ups, NGOs and any type of organization in any field.

Pune’s Best WordPress Development Company Award 2017

And last but definitely not the least The Pune’s Best WordPress Development Company Award 2017 went to Creative Crows Technologies, their proficiency lies in the web and eCommerce Design & Development and Digital Marketing.

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Lastly, the founder of 100.Rupis.com has some thoughts to share, “Through the Pune’s Best Company Awards we have curate the most validated, trustworthy and promising Digital Services Companies in Pune,” said Keerthi Kadam, “This is done with the help of the Digital Services community, and Industry Experts. 100rupis.com is World’s First Appointment Booking Engine for all Tech needs and help services companies find the right client with our complex algorithm. I’m very excited for the winners who demonstrated excellence, with outstanding achievements. I congratulate them on winning this elite tag.”

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