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Palkhi in Pune 2015 – Cleanliness Not So Close To Godliness | Pulkit Bharadwaj

This piece of content has been shared by Pulkit Bhardwaj based on his personal experience. The views expressed and questions raised are purely unintentional towards hurting anyone’s sentiments.

I’m a student staying in Nigdi and travel to and fro to class by PMT bus. So on Friday. I completed my class at 7.30 pm which is located at Navi Peth. I was feeling feverish and tired so I wanted to rush back home immediately. I stepped out of the building and started walking towards the bus stop. There was no vehicle on one side of the road, on the side which went towards ALKA Talkies. I had an idea that the situation would be a bit bad because of the Palkhi in Pune. So rather than waiting at the bus stop I walked towards ALKA hoping to get a bus from there. When I reached, the road was blocked.


This forced me to walk more. I was thrilled seeing the procession live for the first time and wanted to seek the blessing from the Palkhi . So I walked towards FC Road going against the side of the procession. The crowd was immense but that didn’t catch my attention . What shocked me was the beautiful and clean FC Road which was turned to thrash that day. Not keeping any agitation against any religion, but that was too disturbing. The Warkaris (devotees) are considered as the messengers of GOD and that’s why we pray to them and give them all the possible things they need for free as charity. But they don’t value it. They just throw away anything we give them in hand. All bottles, biscuits, chips everything that too after opening it and eating/drinking a bit.

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With a heavy heart, after seeing the city I love the most in a bad condition, I walked towards Shivajinagar. I was sure I won’t get a bus soon so decided to take the train instead. When I reached the end of FC Road, the procession had ended. I saw ladies with brooms cleaning the dirt. These women also have the right to worship, the right to take their children for the darshan or put them to sleep but unfortunately it was all opposite. They were working. Same case with the Police officers. So then I reached Shivajinagar station walking. I was tired and wanted to sit and rest a bit but just when I turned towards the station there was no place to even keep a foot at the station. Then I realized it would be difficult to reach home now. So from Shivajinagar I walked towards E-square. Every bus stop was filled with minimum 50 people on both sides of the road. Due to fever my feet had given up. So from E-square I started asking for lift and finally a guy stopped and dropped me to Aundh. Meanwhile I had informed my parents to come to pick me up at Aundh Chowk. I reached home at 10.15 p.m.


What kind of a procession or festival it is that you stop the functioning of a metropolitan city like Pune?

Actually there were 2 processions that day which I saw. The one going from Dehu to Pandharpur carrying GOD and one going from city towards PCMC / their respective houses or vice-versa. The people who were going home had bags on their back which is their GOD, their earnings, their life. These people wanted to reach their families and work as soon as possible. We learn “Work is worship”. When will we implement it?

I may sound harsh to community of people who believe in PALKHI but I am sure I can’t be proven wrong by a LOGICAL INDIAN. Government says study and improve the economic condition of the country but Importance wasn’t given to the people struggling to be home or at work.

Don't we need to think on this?

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