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On This Children’s Day, Let Us Take a Look at The New Generation Terrorists

Throughout history and in many such cultures we have seen children being extensively used in military campaigns. During world war I and II also there were about 250,000 children used in the army. They take part as porters, spies, messengers, lookouts, hostilities, etc.

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The use of children in armed conflict is global in scope and a great great problem for the world. Children are easy targets because of their vulnerability to getting influenced easily. And presently it is being practiced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He is only increasing his in human treatment worldwide and now not sparing those young buds too. The children are called the “Cubs of Caliphates.”

The ISIS pioneer has been utilising another system to save himself from attacks. He is preparing kids under the age of 18 to be the new militant gathering. They are offspring of those jihadists who passed on battling for his camp. In the late news they uncovered a few recordings of Baghdadi having not only a minor number of youngsters as warriors however a number past our imagination. It is not simply in thousands it is more than lakhs of kids in his new made armed force.

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Well it likewise comprises of kids that are just four to five years old. In a video they communicated few days back we see Baghdadi boxing youngsters on their mid-sections like they were grown-ups. He is appeared to kick them and using bars to hit them in order to check their physical capacity so he could prepare them to be physically fit. They use additionally shown combative technique that isn’t implied for them. Those kids who are to be dealt delicately and with care, are been given such unforgiving treatment which an ordinary grown-up likewise might never persevere. It just depicts the level such individuals can get down to. They are offspring of his own men. Furthermore of jihadists brides.

Youngsters that are to play with toys and mud are being given weapons and projectiles. They are instructed how to work a weapon and how to position themselves while shooting. A four year old child was indicated holding a colossal weapon that was not by any means her size. They are instructed to just take orders and never ask any questions. They experience substantial military preparing and never articulate a word.

They just need to comply with Baghdadi’s charge and complete their assignment. The youngsters are so pure to try and comprehend the things they are doing. He is using shocking actions to make psychological oppression solid. Rather than education they are been given recordings of homicides and systems to learning them. In one video they indicate how a child is taught to murder using a blade by testing it on the teddy bear. There have been a few episodes where these youngsters circumvent bombarding distinctive states and slaughtering or terminating diverse honest individuals. What do such kids do? How does their family/society get influenced is never acknowledged by these inhumane psychological militant gatherings?

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The unrest amongst the Muslim communities worldwide has led to vast destruction. It has led to troubled and depressed children and families all around. Imagine a child being forcefully dragged away from his mother and some are even forced to change into Islam and enter their military camps. They have suffered so much now that even if some of them escape they cannot escape the mental torture they go through. Some children only on hearing the ISIS name panic and lose control. The psychological effect on them is so much that getting out of such a trauma would be only a dream. These youngsters need our support and our help. They will never be able to fight this alone. It is not right watching the future generation entering terrorism and becoming murderers. They are mere children who deserve education just like us.

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