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If You Have These Songs in Your Playlist, We’ve a Bad News For You!

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time in the midst of all popular playlists like Romantic, Party, Heartbroken etc. etc;  there was another playlist named “The Looser Playlist”. It was that invisible one amongst the big players who always went unnoticed. Ever since the birth of music his generation paid their contribution to Music by making people laugh with their horrible lyrics, bad composition and background score. They were the “Musical Comedians”. After discovering it’s heritage this playlist was determined to make their family proud “The Looser Playlist” now has one aim in life to endure to give all the drunk souls out there something to dance on and all sad souls something to laugh on.  Following are some of the logically disabled, most terrible songs of Bollywood music industry:

  1. Paani waala dance:

From the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Locha Hai’ one would definitely think there is some “locha” in the director’s brain. It’s quite surprising how this song hasn’t been trolled on. Sunny Leone starring song/joke the lyrics from this song are another level of stupidity. One of the lines from the song is “ swimming pool meh lahake aur namkin ho gayi ho” this is the first time I’ve heard people putting salt pepper and chaat masala in swimming pools.


2. Baby Doll:

Another Sunny Leone starring jokes. The song was so trolled on I think I’d rather let the memes do the talking. On the contradictory if this song plays in weddings you’ll get to see all aunties feeling young and “sone di” 😛


3. Alcoholic :

The reason this song is in the list is solely because of the lyrics. It goes something like this ” darru koh meh dudu ki tarah pe jau, apne piyu tabhi toh mota pekh banau” what kind of lyrics are these? One would wonder that in the sadness of the movie going flop Akshay Kumar agreed to be a part of this song. Great going on the promotion of alcoholism.


4.Ice Cream:

There hasn’t been a time in since the 2000’s when Himesh Reshmiyya hasn’t been joked upon. Be it the scandals he’s been in or the kind of songs he produces in Bollywood. One of them is Ice Cream produced by Himesh Reshmiyya , Suny by Himesh Reshmiyya,  written by Himesh Reshmiyya and starring him as well. God! Someone please give this man an Oscar for his multi talents! The song goes like “Ice cream khaungi Kashmir jaungi” Who even does that?


5.Kundi math Khadkao:

The reason why it’s on the list is because of the ‘taja taja lyrics’ and the reason why it’s a party favourite because ever drunk girl thinks she’s Chitrangada Singh and every drunk guy thinks the girl dancing in front of him is in fact Chitrangada herself.



This song is definitely one of its kinds. If you think about it twerking might have just been invented from this song because the video of this song definitely gives this picture. So if you see people in India twerking youmight as well just say “Oh! She’s TOONING”


7. Kheech mere Photo:

If you see the video behind this song you’ll realise why this song is in the list. The only thing worth enjoying in this song is the catchiness of the chorus line “toh kheech meri photo piyaaaa” otherwise it’s a classic laughed at song by the entire nation along with the movie itself.


8.Lala lala Lori:

The song goes like “lala lala lori darru ki katori , chori nahi ki hai mene pi hai”. After listening to this song the childhood of every 90’s kid who slept peacefully after the popular hindi lullaby was sung is officially been scandalised for life. This song is without any doubt is a joke just like Jackky Bhagnani. This is his 2nd song in the listen which clearly proves my previous statement. No wonder the kids these days are way ahead of their age, something like this:


9. Jaanemaan Aah:

The name of the song itself set off censor alerts in LP’s brain. Importantly the moment the chorus the way Aman Trikha(male voice) says “Jannemaan aah, gale lag ja” instigates all sorts of perverted meanings in every teenagers brain. But the way Varun dhawan and Pareeneti Chopra smile through the entire song is massively appreciable, I guess that’s why their actors and others are just people! Another question which arises is that how is the Indian Censor Board not all over it?


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