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If Quora is Your Go-To Site for Life’s Questions, These are Seven Quorans you Must Follow!

Those were the golden days, when one would log onto Yahoo! and play with the avatars or ask the most obnoxious question one could think. Slowly the obnoxiousness reached a height that no one could surpass. That’s when Quora stepped up, enriching people with their classy questions and strict moderators (as there should be).

Soon Yahoo! was lost in oblivion and Quora became the master of Questions and Answers. Not only did it enrich people with knowledge, it also created celebrities of its own. We take a look at bunch of the many talented people that continue enlightening us.

Balaji Vishwanath


A Software Engineer turned founder of an AI company, Balaji Vishwanath is hugely admired for his answers in politics and history, especially about India. With 434.1k followers on Quora, he has written a book on contemporary modern history of India called From Tryst to Tendulkar. He has also given a lot of lectures across India in colleges and institutions and he is very active in keeping India informed.

Awdhesh Singh


An IITian, former IRS (C&CE) officer and author of four bestselling books go to a bar and they order just one drink. It’s because all of them are just one person. Awdhesh Singh, who has also started Awdhesh Academy where he teaches Mathematics and Physics and also Life Management, is a maestro in answering questions. With 208.1k followers he manages to strike every question thrown at him.

Virali Modi


Actress, Model, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Disability Rights Activist, TEDx Speaker, Winner of the Women’s Achievement Award 2017, BBC 100 Women in 2017, Virali Modi is everything but one to stop. So many titles to her name and Virali continues to add more. 103.6k followers are the result of that passion. If you ever feel the need of inspiration, you know where to look.

Gopalkrishna Vishwanath


A retired structural engineer following his interests and meeting new people at the age of 68. Gopalkrishna’s answers range from emotional to extremely practical. His answers provide a nice blend for someone who is exploring Quora for the first time.

Tejasvita Apte


When a medico-legal consultant answers your question, you know it’s going to be to the point. Tejasvita has a great love for law and teaching, don’t be afraid if you get schooled by her. She also calls herself as an amateur singer and she is a Linguaphile (Yes, I had to Google it too). If that doesn’t make your check her profile, I don’t know what will.

Roman Saini


If you have ever looked up for online learning, you must’ve definitely ended up on Unacademy. Roman Saini is the father of Unacademy, the quickly accessible online learning platform. He believes that high quality education should be accessible to everyone and that’s how he came up with this genius. I believe you’d find the rest on his Quora profile.

Neman Ashraf


He is a police constable from Pakistan with a vocabulary that floored me. When you imagine a police constable, our little wired brains would imagine this fat guy with food stains over his clothes and traits especially highlighting his dumbness. (Thanks Bollywood!) But Neman strikes down every such stereotype with his impeccable answers. Won’t say more, check him out.

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