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Happenings 2024 – Cultural Fest of Allana Institutes of Management Sciences

Reasons why you should not miss Happenings 2024:

Calling all creative minds, tech geeks, and competitive spirits! Get ready to be unleashed and unfolded at Happenings 2024: Tech Unleased, Creativity Unfolded, held from 26th February 2024 to 2nd March 2024 the electrifying inter-college fest hosted by Allana Institute of Management Sciences, Pune. Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable experience with these reasons to be excited:

Happenings 2024

• Grand Opening and Electrifying Entertainment:
The prestigious opening ceremony will be graced by the Commissioner of Pune, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Witness the jaw-dropping stunts and powerful machines at the Super Bike Show and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and rhythmic beats of the Dhol Tasha Pathak Show. Prepare to be amazed and entertained from the very start!

• Chance to Unleash Your Inner Rockstar:
Do you have a hidden singing talent or a knack for making people laugh? Happenings 2024 provides the perfect platform to take the spotlight! Participate in the singing, stand-up comedy, or dance competitions and express yourself on stage. Who knows, you might just discover your hidden star power!

• Diverse Activities for Every Passion:
Whether you are a tech whiz, a shutterbug, a fashionista, or a born entertainer, there’s something for you at Happenings 2024. From E-football and photography competitions to henna design, reel-making, vlogging, and street plays, the fest offers a wide range of activities to showcase your skills and explore your creativity.

• Celebrate the Power of Words and Sportsmanship:
If you are more into penmanship or physical activity, fret not! The fest also features poetry competitions and various sports tournaments like cricket, football, badminton, carrom, and chess. So, gather your team, gear up, and get ready to compete in a spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

• Network and Make New Connections:
Happenings 2024 brings together students from different colleges, providing a valuable opportunity to network, make new friends, and exchange ideas. This is a chance to broaden your horizons, learn from others, and build connections that could last a lifetime.

• Experience the Thrill of Competition and the Joy of Victory:
Nothing beats the feeling of competing against your peers and emerging victorious. Happenings 2024 offers the opportunity to test your skills, challenge yourself, and strive for excellence. And even if you don’t win, the experience of participating and giving your best is truly rewarding.

• Indulge in a Foodie Paradise:
Mark your calendars and get ready to tantalize your taste buds at the fest’s Food Bazaar. Explore a variety of food stalls offering delicious cuisines, and don’t forget to check out the tempting dessert stalls!

• Shop Till You Drop:
If you love retail therapy, you are in for a treat! Happenings 2024 features numerous shopping stalls selling trendy clothes, accessories, and unique handcrafted items. So, unleash your inner shopaholic and treat yourself to something special.

Happenings 2024 is more than just a fest; it is a melting pot of creativity, competition, and cultural immersion. It is a chance to showcase your talents, connect with fellow students from different colleges, and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your friends, unleash your potential, and get ready to be unfolded at this one-of-a-kind inter-college extravaganza! Do not miss out on the fun – mark your calendars and join the excitement!

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