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17 Childhood Cartoons in Hindi that kept all the 90’s Kids Hooked to their TVs

Well, this post has been specially designed for the kids born in 90’s. You might have read many posts on Social Media saying that

“Our generation is the best, because we enjoyed life… before technology ruined it.”

True! But our world was totally different than what the kids today have. Feel sad for them, that they will never know what a bliss it was watching cartoons on Disney Hour on Zee TV, Cartoon Network, Just Kids on Sahara One and Fox Kids on Star Plus. Bless the people who dubbed our childhood cartoons in Hindi and made it more fun to watch. Nevertheless, we grew up and those days are now a part of our memories.

Here are some old memories which would take you on a nostalgic ride into your childhood.

P.S. These cartoons are not arranged in terms of any rankings, just random order.. Please enjoy it as a collection of memories.

Popeye The Sailor Man

This guy was seriously obsessed with spinach and trust me, this is what made me eat spinach though I didn’t like it. And each time I eat spinach, I used to look at my biceps hoping that it will give me power! I bet most of you did this too. Watching the crooked Olive and the most evil villain, Bluto (who later became Brutus) early in the morning was much fun back in our childhood days.


Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter’s Laboratory was yet another favorite of all time. A high tech geek who has a secret experiment lab in the basement of his house and a nuisance causing sister Dee Dee, who keeps destroying his experiments. Dexter’s parents were hilarious too. I’m sorry for putting this Hindi song here, but seriously… Check the lyrics out!

“Aur fir gam aur dukh ka sama ccha jaata hai….”


Powerpuff Girls

We loved Blossoms, Bubbles and Buttercup fighting against the crime and evil in the city. Specially Mojo Jojo and the tiny mayor of the city. Besides, the biggest mystery of our lives was to figure out how does Ms. Bellum’s face look like.. She had this sine-wave figure which we were least bothered about back then as we were kids. (Ok you can Google her now!)


Tom and Jerry

One of the most loved cartoon series by young and the old so far. The never ending game of hide and seek between the cat Thomas (Tom) and the mouse (Jerry) was something we never missed. We could go on watching episodes even if they were shown all day sometimes on the old Cartoon Network. Hearing the intro symphony will surely make you nostalgic!


Scooby Dooby Doo

Scooby Dooby Doooooooo!!! The Mystery Machine with Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred were far better at solving mysteries and catching ghosts than ACP Pradyuman and Daya who now hail our television sets. It took Harry Potter 7 long a** books to catch the bad guy. But in case of, Scooby-Doo it takes only 25 minutes.


Merrie Melodies & Looney Tunes

The tune of Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes with bunch of hilarious characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Willie Coyote, Porky the Pig, etc. made us laugh every minute of their play. Though there were lot of sarcastic puns and jokes included in them, we as kids were too innocent to understand. Warner Bros. were indeed doing a pretty well job then.


Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage (named Sher Dil in hindi) was yet another one on the favorite list. Ustes and Muriel used to live with their pet dog “Courage” somewhere in the wild west, or I should say nowhere. Strange and horrifying incidents used to take place and poor courage though being a cowardly dog, always ran to the rescue. Ustes calling him,

“Stupid Dog (Na Samajh Doggie!!)”

every now and then made us laugh and the weird, frightening looks of the characters made our parents hate us for watching it.


Swat Kats

T-Bone and Razor known as “Swat Kats” along with their advanced warfare inventory, patrol the skies of Megakat city. It was a thrill watching these two fly the Turbokat, their three-engine fighter jet, many other fascinating gadgets and vehicles including Cyclotron, Turbo Mole and Hoverkat. The intro song is still the favorite for many rocks bands we find around.


The Mask

Crazy one! The green monster that comes to life after wearing a mysterious mask did cause a lot of mess in the city. We have seen Jim Carrey play the lead role in The Mask – The Movie, but watching the animated series every day was even better. Feel sorry for the land lady that owned the apartment where our hero Stanley Ipkiss (Sachin Sabnis in Hindi) lived.



Watching Pokemon on weekdays was something we never missed! Ash, Misty and Brock step out on a journey to explore the world of Pokemons with some cute ones like Pikachu, Togepi, Charmander. They sure made us cry sometimes! And not to forget the ultra-melodious song of Jigglypuff!


Dragonball Z

While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Goku from his childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is a continuation of his adult life, but at the same time it also parallels the maturation of his son, Gohan, as well as the evolution of his rivals Piccolo and Vegeta from enemies into allies.


The Addams Family

Gomez and Morticia Addams had this spooky little family with other creepy members like Gomez’s bald brother Uncle Fester who was always interested in blowing himself up, Gomez’s intelligent daughter Wednesday, and son Pugsley. Morticia’s mother Grandmamma Addams, their blue skinned butler Purch and a disembodied hand named Thing. Pretty sure, very less might be watching this one, but the intro song is still the best!


Bob the Builder

Tiny TV somehow became the inseparable part of our cartoon marathon soon after 2000. With repeated episodes of Bob the Builder, Noddy, Pingu, Oswald, Kipper, summer vacations were filled with innocence. And who can forget the intro song of Bob The Builder?

“Bob the builder! Kar ke dikhayenge! Bob the Builder! Haan bhai haan!”


Timon & Pumbaa - Hakuna Matata

Lets move to the Disney section now. Who on earth doesn’t like the Hakuna Matata song from Timon and Pumba? It was refreshing, funny as well as reminded us of the movie Lion King. But the animated series was all about the life chronicles of Timon and Pumba. Less words here, enjoy the Hindi version of Hakuna Matata!


Aladin - The Arabian Nights

The tales of Arabian kingdom and its mysteries. The magic that kept us hooked, the talking parrot Iago, the loyal friend Abu, the seductress Jasmine, the flying carpet, Kalin and everyone’s favorite… Genie made sure we don’t miss a single episode!


Duck Tales

Scrooge McDuck – the richest duck in the world and his unending greed for money was fun to watch. Besides, how can we forget LaunchPad and Mrs. Beakley, and Magica, and Beagle Boys… Ok, I must stop now. Enjoy the song!


The Jungle Book

Mowgli was perhaps the very first one that we watched as an innocent boy who grows up in Indian jungles with a pack of grey Indian wolves. This show, produced by Disney aired on Doordarshan way before the cable boxes were to enter Indian Homes. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling was dubbed in Hindi by some great bollywood actors like Nana Patekar for Sherkhan, Chetan Shashital for Baloo, the bear and other friends. Indian families would stay glued to their seats for an hour to watch Mowgli and enchant the tune of

“Chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai, phool khila hai…”




  1. Recess is missing in this list…..It was the best cartoon !

  2. Where’s Baloo from Talespin?

  3. You missed Johny Bravo!!!

  4. “Chip & Dale”, “Gummy Bears,” & one from DD>>> “Guchhe”

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