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Pune Welcomed Amish Tripathi, Author of the Best Seller Meluha Trilogy | Samira Kulkarni

Amish Tripathi has received popularity and love from people of all age groups. His first series The Shiva Trilogy gained a lot of fame. His writing skills are appreciated by everyone who has read even one of his books.

A full time writer post the success of his first book series – The Shiva Trilogy, Amish was a banker by profession and a IIM grad! The next series from the banker turned writer is Scion of Ikshvaku which is based on Lord Rama.

On the occasion of the launch of his new book, Crossword Aundh and Westland Books gave an awesome opportunity to all his Punekar fans to meet Amish Tripathi.

On the 24th of July, at 6:30 pm Amish visited Aundh Crossword. His fans from every corner of Pune came together to meet their favorite writer.

best selling author india amish tripathi samira kulkarni

Amish received a warm welcome in true Puneri style. Talking about the event Amish is a very genuine person. He shared how he entered the writing profession. He said that he was an academic-oriented child and a boxer.


Amish was of the humble view that he had no clue as to why Lord Shiva chose him to convey the Lord’s story to the people. All his fans were ready with their questions. Right from kids to elder people, questions were asked and of course were answered beautifully. Punekars are actually very smart at asking intelligent questions which even Amish appreciated. For almost two hours he answered their questions. And in spite of this, he explained every point extremely well. His fans were mesmerized by his genuine attitude.

best selling author india amish tripathi samira kulkarni

Everyone was surprised to see such a popular person being so friendly with his fans. This attitude of his only increased the respect for him in everybody’s heart.

Everyone was excited to get a picture with him and get their copies signed. Excitement was in the air. All his fans were extremely happy and the best part was Amish was ready to sign every single fan’s copy and click a picture with them. He respected his each and every fan and that is the best thing about Amish.

author scion ikshvaku amish tripathi

Crossword presented a wonderful opportunity to Punekars. We all are really thankful to Crossword, Aundh and Westland Books for helping us meet Amish Tripathi. We appreciate Amish Tripathi for giving his precious time to us and and also for all the encouragement.

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