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“Arey Tunnel Naya hai Waha” – Akurdi Railway Tunnel Finally Inaugurated


Old Tunnel near PCCOE in Akurdi

So what’s the new, hot and most happening stuff around PCCOE? Of course it is the brand new road leading to Ravet. A dream come true moment for residents of Nigdi Pradhikaran indeed that the tunnel near Pimpri Chinchwad college of Engineering has been finally inaugurated for public use. It is obvious that the current batches of PCCOE are going to be the most happy batches as compared to your seniors who had to swim across the tunnel to attend their shitty day at college. But, all you juniors are going to miss something too..

  • Do you have a live, valid excuse if you get late?
  • Will you be able to see an aquarium just so nearby?
  • Can you ever splash water on strangers’ everyday?

Unfortunately not!!!

Those days have gone! Our very own tunnel, which is surrounded by the most popular Akurdi station, the very beloved alma mater of innumerable people and how can you forget “COPYLINE XEROX” which was right beside the tunnel!!

Agree or disagree, in spite of all the complaints, she was the one who gave us little fun moments in water, a wonderful walking experience when our vehicle broke down in the middle, new enemies to make while shouting at people who were stranded in the traffic and moreover she has gained immense popularity and importance because each of us know that even if we faced tons of problems while passing through it, we still would, because we are dependent her.


False Hopes for #PCCOE batches before 2014

But, yes, deep in our minds we all felt how great it would be to see a traffic-free place and a much more organized way for commuters to pass. So finally the day rose, when we got to see this board. And yeah! We all would sing..

“Bai bai manmoracha kasa pisara fulala….”
But each one also felt ”na jane kitne saal tak ye hi board dikhega idhar!!”

But soon, the tunnel was inaugurated all set to handle even the heaviest traffic in the world. Smiles on faces, people clicking photos, commuters standing and admiring the place and indeed it made each one happy and satisfied!!


Surprised residents of Pradhikaran

Stop…Watch…Scratch (Head obviously!) ...Move On!
2k14 batch is so fortunate that they got their easy way through The Great Tunnel of Akurdi!! Mandal aple abhari ahe. Wonders happen, But still, still, still a poor PCCOE boy thinks,

“Saala Tunnel also got a partner..
Mech building also got its better half…
Maine hi kya kisika ukhada he jo mai hi akela reh gaya.. Mera number kab ayega yaar…??

East or West…Hehehaha Hell No!!

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  1. New it is! 🙂 Doing wonderful guys!

  2. we can never forget copyline xerox center. Was a lifeline for us

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