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A Young Lad Mercilessly Tortures a Poor Little Dog For FUN! | Vikram Patare

*Note : While reading this article, please replace the words inside the” double quotes” by all the swear words you can think of to meet the sentiments of the writer. For example: F@gg()t, D#$%head, etc.

I came across this video which was posted on a facebook group I am a part of – “CUPA – Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore” –

#HelUsArrestThisMan: Cruelty against an innocent Dog!#HelpUsArrestThisMan: This Monster named ‘Dar Ji’ from India has uploaded a video where he’s proudly shown swinging an innocent DOG by its Legs and then throwing it onto a parked Car…. And here’s his profile: Fb.com/vatssamkumarWe have to teach this maniac a strong lesson… #MustShare this video as much as you can so he never ever thinks of doing anything like this, ever…. #AnimalCruelty #LoveDogs

Posted by Being Indian on Saturday, July 11, 2015

All the members on the group were deeply hurt by watching the video. This video is pretty self explanatory of the thought process this “Dude” has. It made my blood boil, and at the same time felt like doing something for many such poor little innocent souls. The members of CUPA – Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore are already working on getting this activity reported to the cops. Considering the cops might not entertain such requests due to the load of work they have with the human crimes itself, I thought of taking the other route. Power of social media. Although I have never written before, after watching this video , I just hit up my friend at Campus Times Pune, asking whether something can be done, and he asked me to send the content, and rest shall be taken care of.

Here we go:

This guy in the video is a perfect example of Proud Egoistic Sadist. He probably just won’t stop at this video, as he has got something more up his sleeve as posted on his facebook account.


So there is this “Cool” guy who thinks by shooting such a video of a pitiful innocent dog and posting it proudly on Facebook would make him more popular among friends. He does have some disgusting friends as well, who seem to support him for his actions. This is clear from the comments he got.


Well I thought of taking up the opportunity to help his aim, and make sure he gets what he was looking for: His shot to fame (for all the wrong reasons he never knew)


I do hope the lawful authorities use this to track him down, and even if not, let us make sure this guy’s face is made famous, so that it reaches the people in his locality, and make him feel shameful for the atrocity he committed.

We just found out that the guy has deactivated his profile due to the huge response from people to hand him over to the authorities.

Some profile pics publicly available of this disgusting “Hunk”:


God bless the poor soul who trusted the “DJ” whole fully, and was taken for a toss literally. The angel’s soul that he had, still wanted to go back to  him with no loss of trust or love!!

If heavens exist then Dogs would surely be in it.

This guys does not just have sheer poor mentality, but also is a hypocrite. His favorite quote listed on Facebook is  – Jiyo aur jeene do magar Style se.

vatssam kumar facebook profile

God knows what he meant by style. If his definition of style is torturing poor souls, may god and the local authorities (if they are listening) take this “DUDE’S” case in STYLE!!! (In a much degrading style than this guy did of the dog for no reason!)

Kindly share this post, and make this guy famous!!  May the guy be made to pay for his actions!

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