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Honest College Reviews : 13 Things to Know About Rajarshi Shahu College Of Engineering (RSCOE)

13 Things to Know about RSCOE Tathawade

Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering(RSCOE) is one of the most reputed engineering colleges located in the most inaccessible and farthest corner of Pune. Known for its brand and also for its strict regimen, this one will definitely take you on a roller-coaster ride.

We bring you a list of 13 things to know about RSCOE that you won’t find on college brochures –

1. Entire College Building looks like a Big Passenger Train

You’ll feel like stepping into a train where every building is a bogie connected to each other via a single passage. And if you’re a newcomer, you’ll surely have a hard time identifying the building you are looking for!

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2. NEWS food!

Canteen will provide you a huge option of food to choose from. Menu will consist food from North East West South. Pretty decent stuff. Inside the campus you will get Chinese, Typical Indian Snacks, Dosas, Juices and there’s also a Cafe Crème franchise!!!

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3. RIP English!

Get ready to revise over your grammar before entering in the college because if you don’t you’l be brain-washed and you’ll talk like them. For example, consider a student who has just joined first year.

Student (in first year) : Yes Sir, I have called my friend. He’l reach here any moment now.
Student (in final year) : Yes Sir, I call friend. He is comes now.

This is the case in RSCOE. So you better brush up your English from time-to-time so that you’l be aware when you enter brain-wash state.

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4. It's Raining UTs!

Back to Back UTs feel like your semester is in T20 match mode which end really quick. All you’ll be doing is looking at calender for the upcoming exam dates.

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5. Mech ka Katta

The famous Mech katta known for gathering of boys for a little bird watching. Aha! there you are! Smiling after reading this point. We know that feeling!

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6. PCCOE RSCOE bhai-bhai!

What would happen when a student from PCCOE and a student from RSCOE meet? How would they converse? OK so here’s the thing…

(after initial introduction stuff)

RSCOE Student: So how’s your college going?
PCCOE Student: Pretty hectic yaar! You know what? We have uniforms! 🙁
RSCOE Student: What?? Same here!! But that’s ok re. We have Unit Tests! Every friggin’ month!!
PCCOE Student: Same here dude!!

(and the conversation goes on. They merely end up consoling each other)

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7. The 'Open Sesame' for Hostels

If your friend stays in the hostel and you wanna spend time at his place? Don’t worry!! Just pretend to be a brother/sister and you can walk in royally! Just be realistic, don’t carry in 8-10 brothers/sisters.

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8. The Computer Department Submission Chronicles

Word is that Computer Department students have to write hefty writeups and also unrealistically hefty assignments! We heard that the SE COMP students had to submit around 68 writeups in all. And one of the assignments happened to be – Submit 400 questions and answers, long answers!
Computer Department staff are known to not accept your submissions even when you have your oral/practical in less than 24 hours.

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9. Canteens, Canteens Everywhere

The number of canteens in the campus is way too high! If you take a stroll through the campus you’ll realize that there are more canteens than friggin’ washrooms (Hyperbole)!

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10. The Overly Attached College

The college seems to be obsessed with the “JSPM” brand. It demands that all of the write-ups are to be written compulsorily on “JSPM” marked sheets. And you can’t use sheets leftover from previous years because the academic year printed on them has to be the correct year. *SIGH*

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11. 6k extra for Stationary

Students are asked to pay around Rs. 6000 extra for stationary, as if  the 1 lac overall fees was not enough. This college seriously needs a Kejriwal who will stand up and say- Hum dharna karenge!. But yeah, still if you are curious about what your college is doing with the money then click here.

We also had a chat with some students from this college and here’s what they said:

“They charge us 30k for hostel and in the hostel fees structure they have mentioned ‘gym facilities’ but as per our knowledge the gym doesn’t exist!”

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12. FE Students beware!

FE students, if you bunk even one lecture. They call your home. And when you reach home your parents would be like –

“Dedh lakh fees bharke daala he tuje iss college me. Bunk maarne ke liye?? Jab main ghar se nikla tha toh sirf Rs. 10/- leke nikla tha…” n all that follows…

Yeah so the fees structure of this college becomes a feisty point for your parents to bring you down.

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13. Atithi Devo Bhava! - Guests are always welcome!

When our photographers reached the campus which was around 8 P.M, surprisingly the gates were wide open and no one was guarding it (pee time maybe). We took a stroll inside the campus and the watchmen inside didn’t even bother us asking why we were clicking pictures!! On the way back, we were just asked if we were hostelites to which we nodded and that’s all, we were allowed to pass! *Much security, Such Wow*

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