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SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce successfully Conducted There Business Conclave SHARPSHOOTERS!

On 10th January, SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Nerul (Navi Mumbai) initiated their departmental fest with their Corporate Flagship event “SHARPSHOOTERS – BUSINESS CONCLAVE” a three-day extravaganza comprising of some of the leading and eminent names of the business world, who gave a valuable insight into different domains of HR, Marketing & Finance and their scope in the corporate world.

The whole event was a grand success with students all pumped up with lots of knowledge, ideas and way forwards to carry with them. All the speakers had something valuable to help the young generation in moving forward with their professional life.

Sharpshooters 2022

The first day began at 11:00 AM with the speakers Nabomita Mazumdar and Yashwanth Mishra from the HR domain who with their diversified experience and knowledge assisted students with the scope in HR and skills required to excel in the same. 11th January, the second day was a thrilling experience and a knowledgeable day for all the students where Raj Abhisar and Bhavpreet Soni assisted students with Financial literacy and the scope and skills needed to excel in the Finance domain. Moreover, the last day, 12th January made us aware of all the marketing strategies and concepts that can help in optimum utilization of social media applications. Gibran Khan and Sahil Khanna definitely gave a lot of knowledge to learn and grow with.

The Corporate Event “BUSINESS CONCLAVE” definitely helped all those attending the event, take a peek into the business world and prepare for their own journey in the same, it was indeed a wonderful way to start off the year for all!

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