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6 Things Introverts Do At Every Social Gathering

All you introverts out there, you know what I’m talking about. Right?

So this is how it all begins… You’re at a party. (?!)

The moment you enter the venue, you think to yourself,

| “How on Earth did I end up here?”

Then you remember that day you got the invite, you were in one of those moods where you keep reminding yourself to go out more. Damn those moods!

Now that you’re here, you have no option but to converse, laugh, joke, dance…and all those (scary) things extroverts do.

It’s times like these you wish you were a chameleon.


After exchanging some pleasantries (with 2 people), this is how you think:


Now that you’ve been quite for the last 5 minutes, the extroverts around you get nervous. They begin to think you aren’t enjoying yourself. And trust me they try everything in the book to get you involved in whatever it is they want to do. At this precise moment all you’d like to tell them is, “Seriously bro, tone down that hyper-ness.”


It’s a rare phenomena, but sometimes you’ll (just for the heck of interacting) try talking to someone. Now now, it won’t be small talk. That just isn’t your cup of tea. So you bring up something a little more deep/philosophical. What happens is, not everyone at a part is expecting such conversations…


Now you being to hear music & after the exhaustion of dealing with people, it calms you down a bit. That peace lasts for a few seconds until someone approaches and says, “What are you doing?! Come onnn lets dancccee!!!” To which your immediate reaction is:


All said and done, you survive the party. Vowing to never put yourself through this ordeal EVER again.


But now that you’re home you’ve got this:


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