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Dead Exaltation – Progressive Death Metal Band From Pune Release Their Debut Single

Dead Exaltation started out as a 3 piece Progessive Rock/Thrash band between Aditya, Mradul and a third person. The band was known as SULCUS during those days. Aditya and Mradul met through social media and started jamming out one of Mradul’s tune. Later they came up with 3 to 4 compositions but due to some issues, the band go on much longer.

Meanwhile Sourjya and Anish who were college friends and now are work colleagues too, used to jam together and compose stuff. Fallacy was composed during that time too. They later met Aditya through a common friend and Aditya in turn introduced Mradul to them and thus began the journey to Dead Exaltation!


Photo Credits : Anuraj Nath

Mradul’s compositions were highly influenced by Progressive stuff, whereas Sourjya’s by Death Metal. That is the reason for the band being known as a Progressive Death Metal Band. Over a period of time many vocalists were tried out but none of them were able to devote ample amount of time. Aditya met Satyajit and asked him to jam with the band one day. The lyrics were written, vocal structure was laid and FINALLY the band had a full line up!

Dead exaltation’s lyrics are short stories revolving around themes of Gore, Torture and Brutal Killings by Psychopaths and by those who take advantage of their position. The bands name was suggested by Satyajit as most of the lyrics were pretty much based on false expectation of happiness and freedom. Presently, the band is working on more concept based lyrics and compositions with well defined bass lines, technical guitar parts and bringing in influences from various genres of metal and beyond metal.

The Line Up

Anish Poulose


For him it all started when a friend gifted him a Metallica’s Master of Puppets CD when he was in 7th grade. Started out as a bass player for his church.
Influences – Dream Theater, Death, Necrophagist, Gorod, and countless others

Sourjya Mukherjee


He was introduced to Metal music by his Sister (Shaon) and gradually it turned into a passion for him. He was the former guitarist for Surface Tension(Bombay) and Nightshade.
Influences – Lamb of god, Machine Head, Pantera, Dying Fetus, Psycroptic etc.

Mradul Singhal


Coming from a place where there is 0 Metal scene, Mradul was totally into Progressive music and spend a lot of time knowing how they sound like that and how to achieve a sound of your own too.
Influences – Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Beyond Creation, Orphaned land, Cattle decapitation etc.

Aditya Oke


He attended his very first drum workshop in his 12th grade and got into Progressive stuff as the teacher had the same musical influences and then towards Death metal. After listening to Mario Duplatiner(Gojira) he took his passion with real seriousness.
Influences – Dream Theater, Cattle Decapitation, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Beyond Creation etc.

Satyajit Gargori


Heavily influenced by Old School sound, he brings the old school aspects of Death Metal in Dead Exaltation.
Influences – Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Bolthrower, Morbid Angel etc.

What has Dead Exaltation been up to?

DE played its first show at Infinity, Ness Wadia college of Commerce’s Annual fest. In its very first show, they were able to bag Second Prize. DE also played a few more shows in the college circuit of Pune and won competitions at ISB&M College and INDIRA college. In the month of March, the band entered the studio to record its first single FALLACY. Recording, mixing, mastering were done by Yash Singh.

Also quite recently Dead Exaltation got featured in the Rolling Stone India Webzine!


Check out Dead Exaltation’s single “Fallacy

You can check them out here!

For booking contact –
+91-7875899429 (Mradul)
[email protected]

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