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10 Best Bands of 60s and 70s That You Cannot Afford To Forget | Amol Paradkar

60s. Yeah. The time when our mommy and daddys were born. The time when India was like a teenager considering the fact we had our independence in 1947. When India was busy getting their ass kicked by China, the world was going on a different road. A lot of changes were happening all around the world. The world had seen a rise of drugs. Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, ACID, Brown Sugar was flowing in the streets of Europe and America. Apparently, the age of ACID was about the start just as the 60s were progressing. There was a huge change in the music pattern observed around the world due to the drug scene in the world. Now, the slow and methodical Country and Blues music needed a change to suit the need of the people. The word demanded a fast paced, trippy and a way of music which would give take to a whole different high and the world got it.

The 60s was the time when the world of music was going to be revolved and a total new brand of music was going to start. The 1960’s were a time of upheaval in society, fashion, attitudes and especially music. Before 1963, the music of the sixties still reflected the sound, style and beliefs of the previous decade and many of the hit records were by artists who had found mainstream success in the 1950s, like Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Dion, and The Everly Brothers.

ROCK N ROLL BITCHES! Rock N Roll hits the streets of Europe and America at the same time. Co incidence or not, but this change was going to happen considering the change in the mentality of the people. The sea of change that began in 1960s when the social consciousness of folk met the energy of rock, the very first time I listened to “Sultans of Swing”, I was like DAFAQ! Believe me! The song is 10 fucking minutes long and I never wanted the song to end.

“British Invasion” had started in the 1960s. I know!

The fuckers after molesting so many countries had INVADED music too. But, this time for the betterment of the whole god damn world. Bands like The Beatles, the Stones, Yardbirds, the Animals were taking the world by storm. By this time, America was a super power. And publishing an album in America was the most ultimate thing with all the bands in Europe especially the English bands.

And yes! They did invade America yet again! And they surely kick some ass!

Enough of the bullshit, Here are the best bands/Artists of the 60s.

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The Beatles

Band Members

  1. Paul McCartney (bassist, lead vocalist)
  2. John Lennon (rhythm, lead vocalist)
  3. George Harrison (lead guitar, backing vocals)
  4. Ringo Star (Drummer)

the-beatles-best bandsYes! Yes! I know. Beatles were/are a pop band. Metal heads are like. I thought this is a useful article. Anyway.

The Beatles were/are/will be the best rock n roll band in the whole world.  No ordinary/extra ordinary/awesome band can reach to the heights of this band. WORD!

Formed in 1960 in Liverpool, yes MAN UNITED fans in Liverpool, the band had a unique blend of melody, lyrics, catchy vocals, amazing guitar riffs and solos. The band was genius in all aspects. The band mates were highly educated musicians and knew what they were doing. The band mates were just 22 and less when they were signed for the biggest American label EMI. The above designations aren’t justified as everyone in the band wrote songs. Some flourished late (George Harrison) while some were crowd favorites since the first day.  Amazing song writers. The biggest hits by the band are songs written by different musicians. The Albums Abbey Road was the biggest hit the band had ever produced creating a world record at that time. The band deformed in 1970 because of clashes between the band mates. And it was justified! All the peers in the band were equally successful as individual artist.

Influences:-  All the current pop artists.

Pink Floyd


  1. David Gilmour (Vocalist, Lead guitar)
  2. Syd Barrett (Vocalist)
  3. Roger Waters (Vocalist, Bassist)
  4. Nick Mason (Drummer
  5. Richard Wright (Percussion)

Pink Floyd cannot be a band which can be explained in a single word. They had set up a high level of complexity and even high standards. The pioneers of Psychedelic rock in England. Unlike the Beatles, Pink Floyd was a band had a totally different following. Formed in London in 1965, the band were much inclined to writing long dark music which attracted the Hippie crowds at that time. Long songs, extended guitar riffs and trippy music was the characteristic. The songs or the style of the music were influenced by their initial vocalist/writer Syd Barrett (speculation of mental illness). Syd left the band in 1969 who was replaced by Dave Gilmour, who continued the legacy of the band writing such deep songs. Till this time, Pink Floyd always missed a good guitarist whom they found as Dave. The albums The wall, Dark Side of the Moon were the trademark albums and were chart topper for a very very long time. Dave and Roger had their own problems causing Roger to leave the band. The band announced in 2016 that they have stopped making music.


Led Zeppelin


  1. Jimmy Page (Lead Guitarist)
  2. Robert Plant (Vocalist)
  3. John Paul Jones (Percussion)
  4. John Bonham (Drums)

Led Zeppelin was originally known as The Yardbirds which had the best guitarists at that time viz Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page. Eric Clapton left for the Cream. So did Jeff Beck to start his own band. Jimmy Page was the lone member who recruited the most and formed one of the finest rock N roll bands to ever play music. They changed their name to Led Zeppelin. Characterized by long hair and good looks, the band was an instant hit among the young crowd. Making a form of music to which we are much familiar.

Slow start to the song which progressed along with amazing guitar riffs ending with god like Solos. The band had everything. Finesse, class, attitude, amazing vocals by Robert Plant, Pages’ guitar riffs and solos. Bonham can be considered as the one of the most sound rock n roll drummers. They were an instant hit in the states considering the foundation laid by the Beatles.

led zeppelin best bands

The Doors


  1. Jim Morrison (Vocals)
  2. Ray Manzarek (Percussion)
  3. John Densmore (Drums)
  4. Robby Krieger (Guitar)

The first American band to feature on the list. The pioneers of the psychedelic scene in America. The Doors were different to the bands at that time in the US just because of the way the way they wrote songs. The band had a unique way of expressing things. The songs were pretty much based on the scenes in America. The lyrics had a political aspect in the songs. Jim Morrison was one of the finest song writer at that time. People worshiped him. The guy was charismatic. Too bad he died at the age of 27. The one of many who features in the famous “27 club”.

the doors best bands

The Who

Who were the Who? Rather who didn’t knew the Who?  The Who was a progressive English rock band formed in the 1964 during the “the British invasion”. Three of the founding members, Roger, Pete and John went to the same school in London. It is from then, these guys started making amazing music. Keith Moon is considered to be the best rock and roll drummer of all time. Baba O’Reily is the best crafted song by the band and it is still covered by many bands.

the who best bands

The Jimmy Hendrix Experience

Second American band to feature on the list. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was a band formed in 1965 in London. The only American in the band was Jimi Hendrix who in turn is considered as the best guitarist in the world. One fine day in America, the god of guitar Eric Clapton was touring with his band and saw this person perform. It makes him shit his pants. Jimi Hendrix was flamboyant and a really skilled guitar player. He had such a command on his Fender Stratocaster that he could play the guitar with his legs, teeth and I guess even his dick. Being an amazing guitarist, the guy was writer of most of the songs. The band was dismantled after the shocking news of the death of Jimi Hendrix due to drug overdose another member of the “27 club”

the jimmy hendrix experience best bands

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones is the most complete rock n roll in all aspects. The songs, how their life has fared, the relationship with the band mates, Drugs, everything. The stones were formed in London in 1962 by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The Mick- Keith combination with the Ronnie and Charlie making the perfect music was simply a treat to watch.  After the Beatles and the pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones were the most successful rock band till date. Some say they were much better than the Beatles on their day. True!


The Eagles

Another American band on the list. Yes! Hotel California. Everyone knows about the song. The world hymns it. The most successful rock band in America considering the hits.

the eagles best bands


Cream was formed in England in the late 60s. This was the Eric Clapton’s second BIG band. Amazing guitar riffs. The songs made by Cream saw Eric Clapton at his very best. The guy was once unstoppable. Cream had a psychedelic feel to it but made pretty simple songs. Jack Bruce was the vocalist. White room saw Eric playing the best guitar the world had ever seen. The band was just together for 2 years after which, Eric left the band to continue his solo career. The band still are tight and perform every now and then.

Cream best bands

Ummm. I cannot pick the number 10 one. Cause it would be too harsh not to include these artist in the list. Here are the many who influenced rock n roll:

Neil Young
Jefferson Airplane
Bob Dylan
The Yardbirds
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Simon and Garfunkel
Queen (Should be in top 10)
Stephen Stills
Graham Nash

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