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Here We Give You The Glimpse Of ASMITA 2021

Perseverance & tenacity are often the foundational traits of success. When these are intermingled with dedication and teamwork, the results are superlative. Keeping up the tradition, this year too ASMITA 2021 IIITA in association with Fastrack was tabulated with the flamboyant spirit among participants. ASMITA has the annals of marshaling one the gigantic meet of sports zealots of North India. Faculty In-charge sports Dr Suneel Yadav is committed to escort the footsteps of antecedent edition of ASMITA  and primed to take a step more distant.


This year due to the global pandemic we were compelled to methodize ASMITA online. The most intriguing aspect, embellishing the event, was splendid online participation, a riot of hues & vibrances.

Varying from chess to CSGo matchups, every event saw zealous participation.


Day 1:

This was the first day of what was about to be the beginning of the extravaganza of 3 days. We saw some gruelling CS:GO 5v5 matches for the place in the finals of the CS:GO tournament. After the furious combats it was time for some mood lightning with the preliminary rounds of the skribble competition where participants guessed their friends doodles to win the round and advance to the final showdown.

Day 2:

On day 2 we saw the chess preliminary rounds.Chess matches were like battlefields where upon two minds competed each other by no violence. Other to emerge victorious without any bloodshed whatsoever.

We saw some extraordinary individual performances in the 1v1 CS:GO semifinal as every player wanted to seal the spot in the finals. Later in the day there was a skribble semifinal which turned fun into a battle with friends.

SPORTS QUIZ was organised to dissect your evocation. It was truly an illuminating experience.


Headway, urge & sacrifices, battles come & go. So far COD mobile managed to provide online gaming loyal fans a great deal of entertainment.

Last event of the day was CS:GO 5v5 final no.2 which gave us our finalists for the finals


Day 3:

Being the last day of the fest it had some great events and had us on the edge of our seats throughout the day

We saw the finals of the chess competition and saw the best brain competing against each other for the final glory.

Auction was amusement moreover a joy ride. Bid, win, save, repeat. Bidders competed against each other, with each subsequent being higher than the previous bid.


Drawing, image recognition, wordplay & vocabulary. We saw the finals of the skribble which gave us laughs and adrenaline rush simultaneously.

The final event of the day was the much anticipated CS:GO finals of both 1v1 and 5v5 format. The matches were close and very best won the tournament.


Thus the joyful days came to an end & everyone returned with heart brimmed with memories. All and sundry made such a fantastic effort & really tried their best. Results were declared, some came out as rising stars. We yearn to continue the way it has for the last few years.

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