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Shweta Mustare And Chaitanya Gubbala Launch Their Maiden Book – 1987: The Year It All Began

Sold out in the first few hours. What the hell is this book about?

Do you ever meet those weird, quirky people, who are good friends and they have this almost satirical sense of humor that only they can understand?

Meet Chaitanya Gubbala and Shweta Mustare, to-be engineers that have it all figured out, except for their attendance, marks and social-awkwardness.

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The authors with their publisher, Mr Karhade

So actually, the only thing they’ve figured out is how to think of an amazing thriller story, craft it into nail biting sentences and publish a book that will leave you wanting for more. 1987, The Year It All Began is a story of how a crime unfolds and the criminal is revealed in the end. But it’s the journey to the unveiling that will most surprise you. Jaw-opening twists and turns in the story which revolves around a girl called Madhavi in the late 80s; this story opens the harsh truths about her loved ones.

We don’t want to spill more about the book, but to say the least it will make you beg the authors to write faster. 1987, being the first book in the trilogy series, has us so engrossed in the story as if we’re living it and then a cliff-hanger which tells you so much and yet leaves you scribbling down thousands of questions. There are so many possible theories and outcomes about what happens next that you will believe each one is true. Every reader so far has his/her own theory.

Chaitanya Gubbala

Chaitanya Gubbala

Back to the authors, Chaitanya Gubbala is currently studying Computer engineering in MITCOE, Kothrud. Although his peers may tell you that he was frustrated with engineering so he took to blogging in 2013, but that’s not the truth. (Or so he says). With an Afro haircut, geeky spectacles and a malnourished body, he has attracted many people to his writing on his blog whoseblogisthat.wordpress.com

Shweta Mustare

Shweta Mustare

On the other hand, Shweta Mustare, who is also studying Computer engineering (what’s with this branch?), is studying in Cummins College of Engineering, Karvenagar. She took to blogging after contributing a couple of articles to Chaitanya’s blog, reading which he was deeply awed by the talent and encouraged her to start her own blog: the60minutes.wordpress.com. If you see a thin figure, an awkward pose and a sense of humour so weird you feel at home, that’ll be her.

At the launch, having two authors gave the audience the advantage of getting entertained from both of them. Both authors  took turns to insult each other over who was a better author but all in the spirit of friendship. And boy, did we enjoy it. Smiling through inside jokes, supporting each other through their speeches, this might as well be called the best pair of co-authors. We hope they have more insults for each other and wish them luck for their career, the book and their friendship.

Their book was released on 22nd of Jan, 2016 in Crossword, ITC Trade Towers, Senapati Bapat Road, and it was one fine evening. With the crowd almost reaching to a whopping 200, it looked like it was going to be a bestseller already. And the event wasn’t your boring book release where the authors took to describing every small detail of the book. This was much more interesting than that.

shweta mustare chaitanya gubbala 1987 the year it all began pune book launch crossword

The authors recently gave an interview to Sakaal Times and they were featured in the newspaper. Giving honest answers to the questions, the duo gave hopes and guidelines to all aspiring authors.

Sakaal Times

Sakaal Times

If you want to know why the hell this book was sold out, grab a copy at Amazon.in (Paperback and Kindle) or at APKPublishers.com

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